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Social Enterpreneurs- The Business Solution to Poverty

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Social Enterpreneurs- The Business Solution to Poverty

Sustainable Business - Understand a new ground-breaking method of solving poverty - The company Means to fix Poverty: Designing Services for several Billion New clients, provides a bold and brilliant new market-based approach to end global poverty.

How nearly three billion people living on $2 a day aren't only the world�s greatest challenge-they represent an exceptional market opportunity.

Steps to start from scratch to make innovative services aiimed at ab muscles poor using Zero-Based Design. Set Up a Social Enterprise

The single most significant suggestion with regards to developing a social enterprise for that BoP customers - to have a thorough understanding of whatever they really want and need and driven in what Polak and Warwick call �the ruthless search for affordability.�


Posted Jan 28, 2014 at 6:21am