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So Far Gone

Recording a full length album through October!


Genres: Pop Punk / Alternative

Location: San Diego, CA

Stats: 6 fans / 833 plays / 6 plays today






Cameron Shiflet - Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Burg - Drums/Vocals
Sam Spofford - Bass
Joey Mann (RIP) - Motivation/Inspiration

So Far Gone is the result of passion, death, and a promise. Originally comprised of Cameron Shiflet, (guitar/vocals) Jeff Burg, (drum/vocals) and Joey Mann, (bass/vocals) the band was faced with the death of not only their bassist, but their best friend in August of 2009. After nearly six months of mourning, the surviving members decided to take it upon themselves to keep Joey's memory alive. With a new found motivation and outlook on life, So Far Gone came to the decision that they would press on. With Joeys unexpected passing, the band felt the need to push harder than ever to reach the goals they had set for themselves to honor their fallen friend.

In January of 2010, So Far Gone added Sam Spofford, a close friend of Joeys, as their new bassist. In July 2011, the band released their critically acclaimed debut EP, Dont Worry, It Gets Bigger. The fast-paced EP contains five commercial friendly tracks, some of which include the final bass lines ever composed by Joey. Music critic, Annie Reuter of Ariel Publicity states, Its So Far Gones catchy lyrics that have the listener pressing the repeat button. The high energy tracks are ear-grabbing. When asked about their debut release, the band members affirmed, Dont Worry, It Gets Bigger was released with the intention of providing listeners with a taste of things to come. The E.P. contains songs highlighting the groups signature punk urgency as well as tracks revealing the bands undoubted maturing since their loss. This E.P. is our way of honoring the past while embracing the future, remarks guitarist Cameron Shiflet. In response to the bands new direction, music critic, Matthew Warnock avowed, Kudos to So Far Gone for pushing the envelope.

Since the release, So Far Gone has been actively performing in support of the album. Singles Biting Lips and Clawing Bed Sheets, and Well Die with the Sunrise, have been met with radio play and high demand. When inquired as to what is next for the band, drummer Jeff Burg opened up to say, We really like the response our E.P. is receiving. We have been writing and rehearsing for hours on end, and have begun to lay down the ground work for a full length album. Bassist, Sam Spoffords outlook on what’s to come is equally as bright stating, We are pushing ourselves into uncharted territories with high expectations. Only time will tell what the future holds for So Far Gone, but all of their hard work will be met with equally high anticipation as we patiently await their next release.



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