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Liquor Store Bandits


Genres: Hip Hop / Rap / Experimental

Location: Saint Louis, MO

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4 tracks

Members: Marino

Think electricity, like a lightning storm on a mountain peak. Then imagine this energy channeled into an emotionally layered wavelength and shot like a cannon from your stereo speakers through your ears, and injected into your veins, straight into your bloodstream. This is an accurate description of the sound possessed by the Liquor Store Bandits (LSB).

LSBs love for music has been a lifelong affair, spanning 10 years. Driven at an early age by nothing more than a hunger to succeed and an unwavering desire to achieve their dreams. The LSB stormed onto the scene, wasting no time finding a place in the St. Louis Hip-Hop scene. With three masterpiece releases under their championship belt, they have earned a very strong and dedicated fan base and cult following. Their strength lies in their commitment to being themselves, staying true to the aggressive, dynamic sound that LSB is best known for. Flawlessly blending emotional, high energy rap style vocals with infectious hooks, banging instrumentals, and backed by a powerful team of producers and engineers, it is clear to see how LSB is set apart from other acts.

Marino, the captain of the ship, has been writing, recording and performing music for 14 years. Armed only with a microphone, pen and an unrelenting drive to be the best, he has attained near legendary status for his consistent ability to put on extraordinary live performances that leave fans super amped, with hearts racing when they leave the venue.

An unstoppable force in the form of musical expression, LSB brings it like everything is on the line. With an almost reckless, yet courageous and indisputable sense of self-belief, LSB convinces you that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain, willing to risk it all in order to turn dreams into reality. After one listen, you will understand what the buzz is all about. LSB has put the world on notice. You are about to experience music in a new way. You've never heard anything like LSB before.


  • will said:
    dude this shit is crazy!! i listen to this shit before every fight Dec 11
  • alyssa said:
    Something new, i like it :] you've got a new fannn.! Nov 13
  • Juancho said:
    You guys ROCK!!!! Can't wait to hear more. It is great to hear something new and unique! Keep on keepin on guys. Oct 27

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