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Skyrocket Love


Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: N Hollywood, CA

Stats: 561 fans / 7,589 plays / 17 plays today





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Street Team


  • †DarlingDead† said:
    All I want is to hear that you love me. Remember me cuz I’m not coming home. And I know that this all is because of me; forgive me cuz I’m not coming home. Never a hesitation, never a moment lost. No reservations or guessing the cost. We lost our alibi- the pressure's got to us. It’s hard not to cry when it starts to sink in. Apr 19
  • †DarlingDead† said:
    When you go back to your room, annd you run away from everyone... And cut your wrists open. Apr 19
  • †DarlingDead† said:
    I love your music. You guys are great... I can relate to some of your songs, which is exactly what I and other people look for in music. ♥ I applaud you. :3 Apr 19
  • mackre321 said:
    You guys are professional sounding for sure I hope you guys make it because you really need to share your music with the whole world it is great stuff. When you share your music send me a free cd lol :D Apr 02
  • Britt :) said:
    WOW, you guys are amazing! I really like your music its awesome! :) Mar 17
  • God13434 said:
    Hello Skyrocket Love! I took a listen to your music like you asked and honestly.....I was surprised to find a band that really seems to have it together! Your sound is pleasant to listen to and so is your lead singer! I know there are a lot of bands out there trying to make it but I really think you have a sound that is worth trying and very possible! Keep it up and don't give up! If you ever come to Anchorage, Alaska I'd love to see you in concert! Take care and GOOD LUCK! Mar 17
  • jayson said:
    Keep Going GUYZzz Feb 15
  • Shandisaurus! said:
    only one word can say what i think: LOVE! Save the World is my favorite! can't wait till a cd or the songs are available online! Kudos on the great work:] Feb 02
  • Ikkarus said:
    hey sorry for reply too late... BUT i really enjoy your sound... I specially like SAVE THE WORLD Dec 21
  • Beka Anne Rose said:
    Hey, you guys mailed me in December and just wanted to say sorry for the ridiculously late reply! Forgot about my purevolume account and haven't been on in a long time haha, just had a listen to your songs and I really like your sound =) I especially like your song Kerosene it's mint. All the best! Aug 28
  • HuggyBearAshley said:
    you gusy are amazing. My type of music xD Aug 01
  • gianna said:
    ur songs are so great. i love your voice it sort of reminds me of the guy in rent! im a total fan of u guiys!;) Jul 21
  • utaww said:
    nice music ahhh Jul 06
  • Megan said:
    u guys are pretty good Jun 09
  • G e o r g i n a said:
    I loooove this. :D Jun 07

Skyrocket Love

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