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Sir Grr

Music for ears that are tired of the ordinary


Genres: Electronic / Experimental

Location: Carson City, NV

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Sir Grr was born Matthew James on September, 25 1984 in Long beach, CA He then grew up in the middle of the Mojave Desert for the better part of 2 decades, This is where he was introduced to and influenced by every genre of music from Adult contemporary to Classic Rock and from 80’s Big hair bands to Rap/Hiphop. It wasn’t til Daft Punks Discovery album came out that he had found his kind music, He then began to listen to more and more Electronic Artists such as MIA, Röyksopp,The Chemical Bros.,Kraftwerk, and more. He now resides in Carson City, NV, and has been making and producing his music since Sep. 2010, Yet still learning how to mix on T-tables he hopes to start playing live soon. His style is Experimental Minimal Electronica with other Genres mixed in. His influences are all and in between, Like Daft Punk and everything Electronic to Gogol Bordello and Akira Yamaoka. He is hoping to get signed to a independent label and is also trying to start his own.He considers himself a listener first and an artist second.!!!MESSAGE FROM HIM!!! Please comment !! I NEED FEEDBACK!! because no one I know likes this music HAHAHA !!!NEW SINGLE "SH CLUB" OUT NOW SO TAKE A LISTEN!!!When I groundpound in the Mojave desert it sends a shock wave of Electro-Tronic juices racing towards my heart then fills my brain with the speed that burned away long ago with the connection between the Sun, Sky, Earth and Being.PeAcE




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