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Singled Out

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Genres: Pop Punk / Hardcore / Alternative

Location: Minneapolis, MN

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4 tracks

Members: Alex, Shane, Austin, Mitch, Drew.

We are Singled Out, a melodic/pop-core band that was formed in 2009 under the alias "Dead on the Dance Floor". Since then, we have put out two EPs. This Has Just Begun, was put out under the old name, and Unfamiliar Faces, which was put out under the new alias of Singled Out. The band has had over a total of 1,000 record sales, and a lot of growing support through the country.

We have worked with many professional producers such as Johnny Burke, and Don Debiase of Chin Music Studios, Drew Fulk and Evan Knipp of Think Sound Studios and many other professionals in the industry.

Singled Out served as an open act for bands like For All Those Sleeping (Fearless Records), Falling in Reverse (Epitaph Records), Sleeping With Sirens (Rise Records), From First To Last (formerly Epitaph Records) and many, many other acts.

In the beginning of 2010, we were under the management of DJQ Productions. DJQ has worked with artists such as I See Stars (Sumerian Records), For All We Know/Sleeping With Sirens, as well as Miss May I (Rise Records) and Miracle At St. Anna (Tragic Hero Records).

After departing with DJQ, we began getting many offers for management. Singled Out has yet to decide on a permanent company for management.

With no history of touring, we are proud to say that come June of ’12, we will be hitting the road for a month long, local support, Midwest tour. There will be over 25 shows in the time frame and we are incredibly stoked to finally be getting outside into our surrounding states.

For more details and links on Singled Out, please go to our Sound Cloud, which is listed below, or you can feel free to email us at SingledOutBand@Gmail.com



  • Rhetta Nicole said:
    If you guys are interested in playing in Iowa, hit me up. Nov 02
  • Abigail said:
    You're amazing. :) Aug 01
  • CheLseA GriiN said:
    i loviu guys :D plis olaaa porfaa los qe tengan FACEBOOK entren a http://apps.facebook.com/miencuesta/genelanketoy.p hp?anketid=29329 i voten por la banda NATIVA... graciaaas :) hii everyone.! if u have FACEBOOK plis go to http://apps.facebook.com/miencuesta/genelanketoy.p hp?anketid=29329 and vote for NATIVA .! tnx :) Mar 31
  • Audrey said:
    You guys are amazing! Mar 21
  • JesseKilledTheKing! said:
    what, HIVsex? Feb 01
  • JussicuhMN said:
    muah! Sep 20
  • Hill Hill With One L said:
    wow...you guys fucking own... totall pawnage! ha ha Sep 07
  • NeverShoutSARA said:
    Your gonna be big guys :) Aug 23
  • bano said:
    ily all Aug 22

Unfamiliar Faces

Aug 02, 2011

This Has Just Begun

Apr 27, 2010

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