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Are Helical Piers Only Useful for Residential Projects?

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Are Helical Piers Only Useful for Residential Projects?

Residential and lightweight duty applications use more helical piers than any other use. But that does not mean they cannot serve in industrial or commercial capacities. It's a little known fact that there are particular helical piers specifically designed for much heavier loading. There are a number of specifications that permit helicals to satisfy greater challenges. Singa Hills

Typically, helicals use welded pipe, thinner helical plates, and smaller diameters. But increasing these designs can dramatically increase capacity and apply to more industrial situations. Not only will piers be made for higher compressive loads but also, tieback capacities could possibly get large. For example, large retaining walls along highway ridges use large tiebacks and require higher capacities.

Stronger piers are extremely helpful for new construction and remediating heavy existing loads also.

Since helicals are "end bearing tools", both numerical components are load above and capacity below. Generally that is OK. There is however another dynamic that occasionally creates a concern. Which is intermediate soils, between your load and also the bearing that are very loose or weak. Hi organics are an illustration. This forces the pipe over these intermediate areas to become sufficiently strong enough to stand up to buckling, or even an adequate section modulus which increases the potential to deal with buckling. Moderate to stiff soils may help the need but poor soils do not. Welded pipe has a section modulus to its max potential. Next what?

There are other pipe construction options which are much stiffer in buckling resistance. Usually in addition they perform at a higher compression/tension capacity. Which is win-win although it costs more. One unusual advantage that can really be helpful will be the extra torque strength that allows this pier to enter stiffer soils when which is necessary.
So when a helical pier seems like a great reply to a necessity nevertheless the residential pier can't do it, don't stop trying. Look around for more options. Many times precisely what you will need. Singa Hills


Posted Jan 02, 2015 at 9:04am