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Since The Promise

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Genres: Alternative / Pop / Rock

Location: Bents Fort, CO

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Members: Imani Marshall

Since The Promise is the solo alternative pop/rock project of Imani Marshall (born September 22, 1994).

Her most recent project Something of Epiphanies, set to release in 2014, focuses on the sudden realizations everyone has, when a normal day can turn into either a surprise or a headache. The tracks mirror pop/punk guitar styles blending them with synth and harmonies, creating an alternative perspective through lyrically driven songs. While her music ventures from normal sub genres, it didn’t start out like this.

Born and raised not far from the Rocky Mountains in the small town of La Junta, Colorado, her music interest started at age 9 after picking up a trumpet. From there, doors continued to open as she learned other instruments and joined her middle schools first drum circle. By age 13 she was writing simple songs of her own. She states, band was the best part of her school day. It was the one thing that she didn’t need to over think. After the failed attempts of creating a band with her school mates, picking up the keyboard was the final push in the creation of Since The Promise, spring 2010.

She reveals how her inspiration to make music reached an all time low within the first year of the creation of Since The Promise, right before recording her first EP Reading & Routine with a USB microphone and an acoustic guitar. “There’s always that feeling of you’ll never be good enough. I just thought it would come later.” She wrote the EP for herself as a kick in the face, telling her to wake up. “Everyone has to start somewhere, I just happened to start at the horrible place called there.” By Summer 2011 she had adopted a whole new attitude, inspiration and list of influences including The Maine, He Is We, Capital Lights, FM Static and The Ready Set, all reflected in her second EP For Life’s Sake in March of 2012.

After graduation, she decided to put her music on the back burner as she pursued a degree in Video Production. The openings of a new chapter lead to growth not only as a person but as a singer/songwriter as well. After attending a The Rocket Summer concert and a few life-questioning thoughts later, the first year of college led to her first official self released album Year 12 After. Containing electronic and acoustic tracks, along with two singles, “Faith Failing” and “Christmas Again.” She dedicated the rest of 2013 to building a live show, becoming a looper (one-man band), and promising to continue making music for anyone who finds themselves questioning life.

Now playing at local venues, Since The Promise is hoping to release a new single off of the project Something Of Epiphanies.

If you like my music that's awesome and you're awesome. It took me six years to realize where I wanted to go with my music and even though it took so long, I'm glad I'm still able to continue. Six years Since The Promise. Eat dessert first, life is freaking sweet once you get past the bitter crust:)

Since the Promise


  • Teriyakhi said:
    I like it:) keep it up! Jan 28
  • CyberCat said:
    Great sound!!Good job ^^ Aug 27
  • ShineOnLove said:
    Yes I like your style.....Talent is awesome.... Aug 24
  • ༺ღ ℜaveη ღ༻ said:
    great sound. best of luck to you. :] Jul 09
  • AprilMusicFreak13 said:
    nice instrumentals and lyrics :) Mar 09
  • Matty SeXus*SurrenderSerenity* said:
    this is so interesting to me... its very different from anything ive ever heard which means i like it haha :D Mar 07
  • Marissa Awell said:
    Your music is great keep up the great work! I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Feb 29
  • Dylan the great said:
    nice Feb 29
  • sean holloway said:
    i like it. you've got a fan. i'm not being an ass, just some constructive criticism, you might try a little extra volume in some of your voice. if you cant sing like that, try some lessons or just try talking louder during the day, it actually helps. Feb 27
  • angela said:
    :O i love this. keep it up Feb 18
  • Mick Birchy said:
    Love the new song very funky Jan 30
  • brianna said:
    your voice is freaking adorable! :D Jan 17
  • Kookies Bites said:
    this is really good Jan 17
  • anything but ordinary said:
    i love your voice! the beat is so sweet!^.^ Jan 16
  • Mick Birchy said:
    for independant recordings this is really good music keep going you have a gift :) Jan 12


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