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Kanye West 'enraged' At Kim's Ex Ray J

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The offer was for $2.7 million for the mansion. And just how does Kanye feel about having Brandys little brother in his neighborhood? According to Hollywood Life, Kanye is enraged and is ready to take action. What action can he take? Hollywood Life says Kanye is considering legal action because he feels Ray J is just trying to get under his skin by moving so close to he and Kim. Kanye is looking to possibly get a restraining order and considers this borderline harassment. So whats the deal with Kanye being so angry? Is Kanye jealous or is it something more?
Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1751460/kanye-west-enraged-at-kims-ex-ray-j/

Kanye West Talks Paul McCartney Song, Bruce Jenner Transformation, Kim Kardashian Pregnancy [Video]

Kanye told Bruce that he needs to calm down on all the surgeries. He feels its not cool or safe. After all, look what happened to his mom. As for Kanyes hope that Bruce can be a grandfather to North for many years to come, he also wants additional grandchildren for Jenner , reported People magazine. Although Kim Kardashian has received much of the focus for her candid comments about her pregnancy problems, West is the one who first wanted to have a second child, said a source.
Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1748428/kanye-west-talks-paul-mccartney-song-bruce-jenner-transformation-kim-kardashian-pregnancy-video/

Kanye West Supports Kim Kardashian’s Decision To Share Personal Struggle

As reported by E! News, Kim, at E!s international press event for KUWTK, talked about her decision to share her infertility struggle via the show. She explained that shes very vocal about her infertility because she wants to help other women and couples who are going through the same thing. So how does Kanye, who is famously private about his life, feel about his wife going so public about something so intimate? Kim said that he supports her decision.
Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1744966/kanye-west-supports-kim-kardashians-decision-to-share-personal-struggle/

Ray J Buys House Near Kim Kardashian & Kanye West | Hip-Hop Wired

by Robert Longfellow Jan 9 2015, 2:39am With one tweet, Kanye West has set the Internets on fire (at least enough to start trending). Apparently, Yeezy has a new song on the way that features Drake and the Weeknd. Im about to bless everyone with some fire from me, Drake and The Weeknd, tweeted Yeezy tonight (January 9) shortly after 2 am ET. Heres the thing, though. Thats a parody account. Lets see how many people read this far Doh!
Source: http://hiphopwired.com/2015/01/09/kanye-west-says-song-drake-weeknd-way/

Kimye-themed menu will break Valentine's Day in Brooklyn - NY Daily News

Reports TMZ : Kims former sex tape partner just wrote a $2.7 million offer to buy a Hidden Hills mansion 8 doors down from Kim and Kanye. Ray and his business manager, David Weintraub, perused the grounds Friday afternoon and then wrote the offer. BTW, its pretty baller theres even 3 horse stalls. As for why he wants to live so close to Kim, Ray says its already his hood. He lived in the vicinity longer than Kim how to watch Kim Kardashian sex tape so if anything shes the carpetbagger.
Source: http://hiphopwired.com/2015/01/12/ray-j-buys-2-7-million-house-near-kim-kardashian-kanye-west/

Kanye West Says Song With Drake and The Weeknd Is On The Way? | Hip-Hop Wired

In an effort to top last years Beyonce special , the Italian restaurant will serve up not one, but two set menus for fans to choose from next month. The five-course Kim-themed menu boasts stuffed kalimari with kauliflower, pistachio, raisin and salsa verde, rice balls stuffed with Kim-chi and mak and kcheese. If you're craving Kanye, opt for the Gold Digger entree made with beets, gold leaf and saffron aioli or the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which comprises squid ink tagliatelle and duck confit. For true lovebirds, theres also the North West for two: salmon en croute. Marc Piasecki/GC Images The Italian restaurant will serve up specials like Kim-chi rice balls, kalimari and mak and kcheese along with a Kanye-inspired entree called Imma Let You Finish. I was thinking, what could ever top Beyonce? asks Brucie chef and owner Zahra Tangorra, who thought up the idea while listening to a Yeezus playlist shortly after Kardashians nude Paper magazine cover went viral.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/eats/kimye-themed-menu-break-valentine-day-article-1.2077996


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