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Genres: Pop Punk / Rock / Indie

Location: New York, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Fanelli, Mark Fletcher, Julia Monk, Asher Bodie, Eamon Wagner, Danny Rose

In 2004, Andrew Fanelli began writing songs for the group that would come to be known as SHAPES. Now, after going through several line-up changes and guitarist Mark "Fletch" Fletcher's puberty, SHAPES is ready to shake some asses. Dan Rosenstein, that hotty hippie from Great Neck, was asked to take up office behind the drum kit, and with the additions of Eamon Wagner's guitar bite and Asher Bodie's brand new legal ID (and I guess his bass playing), SHAPES is taking steps to make it safe to dance to punk like never before! Armed with a wall of guitars, a barrage of new songs, and a group chemistry unparalleled in this band's history, SHAPES is a band that will make you smile, dance, sweat, sing, cum, shout, and love....at least you can watch them do all of those things on stage.




Chicago, IL

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