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Genres: Metal / Rock / Alternative

Location: Birmingham, AL

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Members: Matt Lucas, Phillip Eenigenburg, Dustin Crowson, Eric Culberson, Esteban Ochoa

To Severcell, music is a puzzle. Both the writing of and performance of. Always working methodically on new material and performances, the atmosphere is the glue that holds it together. To scratch the surface of the hard rock/metal quintet, it is best to describe the music as atmospherically and groove driven. This year the band will be releasing their debut full length album, the successor to 2006's self titled EP. The band, currently tracking the album has stated that the album sounds "textured and climactic" regarding their views on the world today and personal accounts. It is absolutely impossible for the members to describe the music for you with relations to artists that sound similar. Frankensteined with infectious grooves, downbeats and striking hooks the music is presented as separate identities. "Each song has a unique story to tell" and the album is a culmination of the drive and determination that the band possesses.

Severcell has a mission, to bring metal back to the masses and for every person who has listened to the music, attended a show or even engaged in conversation with the band, for their voices to be heard and to connect with their audience on a level beyond any other musical outfit ever attempted.




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