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Self Esteem Tips

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1. Establish an intent.Self Esteem Determine what type of day you need to own, before you get out of bed. Make a deliberate, conscious decision about how you need to create your day. Write it down. Remind yourself each day of the aim. Try to find ways your motive is playing out in your world. Suggested intent: Today is filled with joyous wonders!

2. Be true to yourself. Get in the custom of pleasing yourself. You are in charge of your personal pleasure. Your feelings are very important. Be certain that when say yes to another person you do not say no to yourself as a conclusion.

3. Change your mental diet. Read novels. Listen to uplifting tapes and CDs and attend uplifting workshops. What you place your focus on grows more real. Therefore concentrate on what you need to make, on what makes you happy. Don't emphasis on negativity. Stop seeing the news. Avoid complainers and whiners. Leave.

4. Be mindful of what your monkey mind, the voice in your head, says. If a specific notion is not type or isn't serving you, note this and redirect your focus from what you're wanting. This might take a bit of exercise. Remember to be kind to yourself as you are gaining consciousness and strengthening your will.

5. Update your physical diet. When you take care of the body by supplying it with good nutrients, you are going to naturally feel better and have more energy.

6. Stop comparing yourself to others. If you want something to measure yourself by, examine how you were yesterday to how you're now, and be kind. Do your better daily, if you do this the rest will take care of itself.

7. Create an uplifting environment for yourself. This can be elated colors, uplifting music, nature photos, plants, uplifting posters, open windows... you decide. Wear clothes which you feel good in. Treat yourself to great film, a fancy dinner or buy blossoms once every so often. If you're not willing to do great things for yourself why should anyone else trouble?

8. Celebrate your successes. Even the little ones. Don't wait to become perfect. Any improvement whatsoever is worth celebration. If you observe, you're telling the universe "I am loving this. Yay!

9. Be glad. You have much to be thankful for. Before going to bed each evening, write down ten things you're thankful for the day and why. That is a significant measure. Gratitude alone can change things around for you. What are you glad for right now? It is really a great day, if you're above ground.

10. Spend some time with supportiveSelf Esteem , uplifting individuals. You can learn to fly to be an eagle and not hang around a chicken coop. Chose your friends carefully.


Posted Oct 07, 2013 at 6:44am