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Segamented Worms


Genres: Experimental / Hip Hop / Grunge

Location: Chattanooga, TN

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4 tracks

Members: Joseph J Micolo III

From out of the wormhole come...SEGAMENTED WORMS!

The brainchild of experimental producer JJEMMEIII, SW started as a collection of improvisations from the small toy-like electronic device known as the U-Create Music Maker (trademark of Mattel). Every lo-fi 8 bit blast of sonic debauchery is an invisible altar of worship; dedicated to those largely unseen populations of insect species that inhabit this earth.

What does this mean in musical terms? You are guaranteed to exceed your monthly dose of grime, glitch, dubstep, techstep, dirtstep, mashstep, and any other step that your little shoe can stomp. The sounds collide and ricochet much in vain of free jazz, with all its urgency and chaotic suprise.

Most recently released is the digital EP PRAYING MANTIS BOXING ACADEMY, which finds our protagonist donned in a pair of bright red boxing gloves, blasting roaches in the face with power beats and laser bass grinds. Available now at segamentedworms.bandcamp.com.

Check out the Miscellaneous Tracks album for 3 free downloads! A crap-ton more can be heard here as well: soundcloud.com/jjemmeiii/sets/segamented-worms.

And remember...the bug you step on today could be the candiru in your urethra tomorrow.