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Second Impulse


Genres: Rock / Metal

Location: Baltimore, MD

Stats: 4 fans / 54 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Dave Gascon, David Brewer, Luke Shagogue, Joe Morrison

With a mixed bag of influences - from Slipknot to Beethoven, Second Impulse has molded together a blend of metal and driving rock supplemented with vocal driven melodic tones which pushes the envelope in the rock music scene.

Formed early in 2005 by David Brewer, Second Impulse has had its share of road blocks along the way. From vocal auditions that rival American Idol outtakes to the Bird flu.

In the winter of 2008 Second Impulse finally had a full, stable line-up, featuring the hard-hitting drums of Rory Mcmillian, heart pounding bass of Luke Shagogue, screaming guitar of David Brewer, and the soaring vocals of David Gascon.

The band worked hard for a year, recording their EP in the Spring of 2008 at The Deep End Studios with Tony Correlli. The studio helped to splash a still young band onto the page of the music scene. Releasing just three songs, Second Impulse quickly had the fan's attention. In July of 2008 Second Impulse hit the stage, slamming the rock scene in Baltimore and packing venues with eager fans. Soon the band had hits such as Lullaby, Blue Skies, and many more. "There's no better feeling than when you see your fans singing your lyrics", says David Gascon, front man of Second Impulse.

With the growing fan base in Baltimore, Second Impulse began reaching out of the area, pushing on to New York in the spring of 2009. Ready to continue pushing their music to the next level, Second Impulse recruited the help of manager Drew Tanahill in the Fall of 2009. Now armed with more determination, focus and support, Second Impulse is gearing up for the New Year with great anticipation.



Second Impulse EP

Oct 23, 2009

Punk House Media

Baltimore, MD


Washington, DC


San Bruno, CA

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