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Scarlett O'Hara Pro


Genres: Post Hardcore / Screamo / Experimental

Location: Mc Allen, TX

Stats: 943 fans / 33,817 plays / 0 plays today





6 tracks

Members: Eddie: Vocals, Rene: Guitar/Vocals, Logan: Guitar, Alek: Guitar, Edwin: Drums, Andrew: Bass

hey everyone!
come check us out on myspace:D
& keep spreading the word about us

& also come be our friend on stickcam for latest updates!

SOH LIVE sept 26

We support!
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  • Hassan said:
    Great music !! Sep 13
  • Sheri Prügivedu said:
    amazing music! Feb 14
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  • Jelani said:
    hey guys :) im the vocalist for a band called "Embrace Your Last Breath" come check us out and download our demo for FREE!!!! I want us playing on ALL of you guys' ipods :) www.facebook.com/officialembraceyourlastbreath Dec 12
  • Peter said:
    Lost in existence Aug 29
  • Ravi said:
    GET TOGETHER BROS, you were the best band to have ever been on the surface of this planet. and we, miss you! reboot this band! Jun 28
  • Roybert Patino said:
    Danm i really wish they would had never bounced.! Jun 25
  • Lethal (monster mosh) said:
    Shit sounds so good. yet their sound changed on their full length release, still love the sweet jams though Apr 08
  • BootsauceHayden said:
    Hey, I am Hayden and i drum in my all brother band called "Oh Tear the Veil" we are a metalcore band and our lead vocalist is only 12 years old. Check out our new song called "Sneak in Here"! Try to at least tell one of your friends about us! That would mean so much! www.facebook.com/ohteartheveil Jan 28
  • DaniielLuvzDinz said:
    I Saw You At McHi :DD When I Went There :DDD Jan 25
  • Chris McKenna said:
    If youre a fan of Scarlett O'Hara! then youll love AERALIN! http://www.purevolume.com/Aeralin -FREE DOWNLOAD FOR OUR NEW EP "MAKE ME PROUD" and BECOME A FAN! Nov 23
  • Mark Roberts said:
    www.purevolume.com/beyondthevictory ! Check us out and give us a listen while you're at it ! Leave a comment and become a fan, and spread the word ! Nov 15
  • Shelbie Layne Brown said:
    your music is AMAZING c: Nov 12
  • ☮♥Paola-Bear♥♫ said:
    i love your music so much!♥ ^-^ Oct 22
  • Josh x3 said:
    New album...... make one! Aug 18

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