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Scaevola Oy - Establishing Your Brand

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Make Your Product Eye-catching with Scaevola Oy

In 1988, Scaevola Oy was founded. We have served the Finnish business as a family-owned firm for more than 25 years. Importation, marketing and sales is our primary focus.

Our clients include firms from the cosmetics, food, techno-chemical, detergent, paint, adhesive, and candle businesses. Our customers’ need is our main priority so we make sure to provide them the best through continuous market evaluation. We deliver services to answer our clients’ needs besides only offering products. The primary secret of our company’s success is flexibility and personal service.

Scaevola Oy

Products and services
Competition is tight and just the best will prosper. In our selections, you'll see just those items with higher quality and reliability.

Packaging that sells and builds your brand
Packaging is the real key to good marketing communications. If you're attempting to establish a brand, you must first develop the right packaging. People nowadays usually buy good without taking too much time so you need to make sure that your packaging is appealing enough to outweigh the others.

Scaevola Oy - Finland
For us, packaging is a big part of a business’ marketing tactic. Whenever your competitor introduces a new package to the market, you should have a fresh packaging solution at hand to allow a fast response to trends and your competitors’ actions.

Scaevola Oy - Packages
An excellent package should touch the consumer. It should get the consumer’s attention among the other products on the market shelf. Your product packaging should show how your product is greater than your competitors.

Our job is to assist you learn new kinds of packaging solutions for brand new or established products. Package design and also the scent of the product play a major role in luring the attention of consumers. To meet your needs, we promise to offer you the best scents and packaging solutions.

Package Design
The type of goods to be packed and the materials necessary for the package set are the main considerations to take when coming up with a package. Who is the product made for, and what do the consumers desire from the package? What precisely is the proper way to use and keep the product? Would you like to make expectations? In all this, http://www.scaevola.fi and our professional principals are at your disposal!


Posted Jul 28, 2015 at 6:05am