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Sanford fl Massage Therapy

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Sanford fl Massage Therapy

While Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are neither food nor medicine, they often act as when they were! They may be, in a word, mysterious. They're also unique naturally, not the same as some other natural product you've ever tried, enhancing all of the body, mind, and spirit, with only one or two drops at any given time.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are hydrocarbons and have been called "God's Love Manifest in Molecules."

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, freshly cultivated and steam-distilled, are life-enhancing gifts from the plant kingdom, neither food nor medicine, are key answers to the wellness challenges facing our modern lifestyles. They're simple to use through inhalation, topical application and internal consumption.

Plant essences are made from nature's ancient molecules: complex substances whose structure lets them pass easily and quickly through our skin, and through the cell membranes of each and every cell in our bodies. We breathe them in and instantly, as they touch your brain, the molecules of essential oils enliven neurons, inspire emotions, awaken immune response, stimulate hormones, which may then enhance energy, digestion, mental clarity, temperature, circulation, as well as the feeling of being attached to nature.

Aromatherapy in a drop of your Therapeutic Grade Gas can carry as powerful a note as a possible entire bouquet of flowers. One drop can carry as bio-chemically complex an email like a food or perhaps a medicine. It may stimulate our immune activity, open our lungs, enhance our hearing, ease tired and achy muscles, improve flexibility a whole bunch more!

Aromatherapy: aroma and also the therapy, a natural wellness alternative supporting your brain, body and spirit in our modern lifestyes.

Sanford fl Massage Therapy

A Sample Listing of Single Oil Names and Oil-Blends Names of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Uses by Category;


Posted Aug 19, 2013 at 12:24am