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2nd Album out soon! Portent of Shifting Leaders


Genres: Metal / Death Metal / Folk

Location: Zebbug, Malta

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Members: Oliver M Grech - Everything

Sandmist is a pure artistic and mood driven entity that channels the profound Enlightenment of life changing events which strikes deeply the one man behind Sandmist, Oliver M Grech. The core of this project is made of Black Metal, majestic symphonic atmosphere forms the flesh, heavy guitars the skin and fast kicking drums as the bones. All forming up a tight solid body which manifest itself into a real entertaining mutant.

Sandmist was founded in 2003 by Oliver M Grech, a multi-instrumentalist and audio expert from Malta. At first, Oliver struggled a lot in the deployment and recording since the equipment he had was cheap and couldn’t produce a decent demo and any other production.

The first Sandmist material appeared in public in 2008 resulting in 3 short demo tracks: Into the Crystal Pyramid, The Return of Osiris and Mummification.
Though limited in resources, especially time, Sandmist began writing material and recording songs on an ocassional basis.

These 3 tracks were re-recorded after some feedback and along with two more tracks a demo was released, named Gold of the Ancients.

The project’s musical style was always a big question mark. Aiming to write Black Metal songs and leaving in an “Ancient” egyptian culture feel was quite of a hard task.
After embarking on a small investment on musical instruments and equipment, Oliver set his self into Intermediate Audio Engineering and VST Programming so he could specifically design and tailor his own unique sound. Then, a new album got planned and some new song writing begun.

By December 2010 Sandmist’s second album, named Portent of Shifting Leaders got released, which drew inspiration from fictional laws, armageddon, propaganda and power in the world. In this Full Length 9 Track Album one can hear a clear identifiable band-sound which Oliver worked really hard to achieve.

The most interesting aspect which happened to Sandmist is that tough Oliver admits it is not some sort of prediction, the album Portent of Shifting Leaders gave an impression of predicting the uprisings and protests which happened in 2011.

Sandmist’s second symphonic opus, Portent of Shifting Leaders, came into existence in December 2011 – two years after its predecessor’s birth. On this full-length the Sandmist indulged into the realm of majestic and atmospheric Black Art and the album received words of praise in reviews and the feedback from the masses was positive indeed.