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Samba Jovem


Genres: World / Acoustic / Drum and Bass

Location: Apex, NC

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4 tracks

Members: Claudio de Souza, Luciano da Silva, Alex de Lara, Cleibe Souza and Dani Saldanha-Souza

Samba Jovem is a group of Brazilian musicians committed to bring the best of Brazilian music, such as Bossa Nova, Pagode, Forro and much more. Samba Jovem was put together to perform at the 24th International Festival of Raleigh.
It is made of the following musicians:

Claudio de Souza - Drums, Percussion
Claudio was born on April 6, 1966 in Bauru, Sao Paulo, in Brazil's southern region. Introduced to the drum set by his father, Silas, also a lover of the Brazilian music and Jazz, he took the first drum lesson at the age of 8. By the time he was 16 he form the first band with the same name (Samba Jovem), where he had the opportunity to develop his abilities, focusing on bossa nova and samba rhythms. At the age of 18, Claudio stopped playing to attend the Engineering College and has not played ever since. He moved to North Carolina in 1999, and has been working as a software engineer. However, Claudio's passion for the music has been always present and with the encouragement of his wife, Denise, he accepted the challenge of forming once again the "Samba Jovem" band to perform at the 24th International Festival of Raleigh - 2009.

Alex de Lara - Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Alex had his first contact with music at an early age (5 years old) when going with daddy to a college Jazz concert, which left indelible memories on him. Born in July 9, 1960, his first contact with guitar was with his father who tried to give him some lessons. It took almost 15 years to go back to the guitar, learning by himself and with a friend. Alex also had classical guitar training for 4 years but the Brazilian Bossa Nova was the sound he always liked. Alex is currently taking piano classes, while he is an active musician at St. Michael Parish Choir in Cary, NC, where he mostly plays the Electric Bass Guitar and occasionally covers for one of the guitar players.

Cleibe Souza - Vocals, Cavaquinho, Percussion
Born in Nov 1964 in Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro. Raised in Minas Gerais, Cleibe comes from a family of samba lovers. His parents actually formed the samba school called Imperio Colorido, which paraded for many years and collected the most amounts of carnaval titles in town. Since a young age Cleibe has been involved on almost all aspects of a samba school. When he was about 14 he started parading with the drum section of Imperio Colorido, and through the years he kept switching instruments and learning new skills with the masters. About 11 years ago he moved to the USA, to Ithaca, NY to pursue a degree on Computer Science. While in Ithaca he was invited to lead a samba band called Deixa Sambar. It was with Deixa Sambar that Cleibe saw the need to learn the cavaquinho, which he brought after one of his trips to Brazil. Teaching himself the cavaquinho Cleibe took Deixa Sambar to a different level of playing, and added pagode to its repertoire. About two years ago Cleibe moved to Chapel Hill, accepting a position as a Web Applications Developer at UNC Chapel Hill. Today Cleibe leads Grupo Cara Nova (www.grupocaranova.com), a samba/pagode band that performs around town. He says that it's been a joyful experience to play with Samba Jovem and having the opportunity to play different styles like Bossa Nova and Forro with such a good group of people is priceless.

Dani Saldanha-Souza - Vocals, Percussion
Dani was born in July 01st, 1971. She is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Loves listening to Samba since she was a little girl, but it really picked up when Pagode started being popular in the 80's. "Pagode" is a subgenre of Samba. But she never thought she would be playing and singing Samba until she moved to the United States, Ithaca, NY. The band in NY, was Called "Deixa Sambar", and the main singer had to leave, so in 2003, Dani was invited to be the singer of the band. Little by little she was introduced to playing percussion instruments as well. In 2007 she moved to Chapel Hill, NC. Now she sings and plays in a Samba/Pagode band called "Grupo Cara Nova". She says she is also very excited with "Samba Jovem" band which brings her the opportunity to sing and play other Brazilian rhythms, other than Samba/Pagode, such as Bossa Nova and Forro. She says she misses her family, misses her culture, and all these activities related to Brazilian music brings her closer to her country which makes her feel great!

Luciano Silva - Vocals, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
Luciano was born in the city of Araras, Sao Paulo, Brazil and has been living in the US for 10 years. He loves music of all types and styles, especially samba, bossa nova and pop rock, and has played in a couple of bands over the past few years, including a "trio-eletrico" in Brazil. Luciano is a Software Engineer, a UNC Kenan-Flager BS Alumnus and lives with his family in Apex, NC.