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Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine


Genres: Electronic / Ambient / Psychedelic

Location: Berlin, Germany

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I am a multi-artist.
I make ambient and electronic music, but I listen to many other music-styles more, too.
Also I am interested for nature-documentations, cats and parapsychology etc.
But I make not only music, also artworks, lyrics and videos.
You can watch my music-videos in YouTube and You can visit my photo-gallery in MySpace, Facebook, Google+, Photobucket, deviantArt and much more. I have also a very good music-taste and many favourites and playlists.
From time to time I register in a new platform, but it can also happen, that a platform suddenly is not available anymore in some countries or suddenly disappears totally from the internet.
My profiles in MySpace, Vimeo and Google+, but also my user-profile in Last.fm, contain all links, in the most other platforms I can have maximal 10 or 20 links. This is my user-profile in Last.fm:
After my interestings for parasciences began, Spring 1980 I also discovered Electronic Music. Summer 1982 I watched a band on a party in another school live. My interestings had been waked up, I visited many music stores in Berlin, and a new way began.
Music is my life, and I have found a way how to enjoy it. On 22nd July 2010 I have discovered a very nice and fantastic software, where I put all my love for. I never want to miss it anymore.
Since December 2012 I am also broadcasting live on Mixlr.
Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
Music, Art, Lyrics, Videos
My own chat-room for group-chats (if live-shows in the internet are running):
My music recommendations podcast feed of Last.fm:
The story is very long:
Sabine Klare's mother was an actress at the theatre in East-Berlin and she had made also direction-assistence and film-synchronisations, before she changed to West-Berlin 1958.
Sabine Klare's father was a teacher at a secondary school and had played violin in a little orchestra until 1972 and he had drawn and painted pictures.
1966 in Berlin Sabine Klare had got these artistic abilities in the cradle.
Sabine Klare had already drawn and painted as a child, and she was singing improvisative in a mystic language in the nature, when she was so little.
1980 Sabine Klare discovered Electronic Music, she began to listen to some well-known artists.
1982 Sabine Klare's way to the music began in a music store with the "Korg Mono/Poly"-Synthesizer, when "Arpeggios" were running.
1986 Sabine Klare made some recordings at home with only less technic on cassette, now some of the tracks are in the internet.
Sabine Klare likes Electronic, Ambient, Deep House and much other music-styles.
Sabine Klare makes also other kinds of art: she is drawing and painting, she is making photos and videos, and she is making artwork and lyrics and much more.
Since 1980 Sabine Klare is also interested for astronomy and other sciences, spirituality and paraphenomens, she had read many literatures and she had watched many documentations.
1993 Sabine Klare had married her current husband Frank Klare.
2009 Sabine Klare's artist-name "Sternenmaschinebine" was born.