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  • Wilma Bennett said:
    kkkkeeeeeeeeeelllllllllliiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn, i want u so bad lol Mar 11
  • ⚓️xXItsAmandaXx⚓️ said:
    :D cant wait to see you guys march 3rd w/ abandon all ships and those other two bands that ive never heard of ^_^ Feb 21
  • cenkcool said:
    nitip ya bang http://www.purevolume.com/malefourduckterbebas Feb 07
  • cenkcool said:
    nitip ya bang http://www.purevolume.com/malefourduckterbebas Feb 07
  • AngelOM&M said:
    I'm so excited to see you guys in april, even it if is like 2 months away. This band means more to me than anything, saved my life more than once. Feb 03
  • VMoney said:
    this girl is stoked to see ya'll kill it in Austin, Tx on Valentines Day Jan 31
  • Morgan!!!♡ said:
  • Drummer boy said:
    If you can't hang, FOR FREE? too good to be true. Jan 17
  • Dearest Maryjane; said:
    I'm obsessed with you Kellin Quinn Jan 15
    Where's With Eyes To Hear And Ears To See? :S Jan 04
  • baker said:
    With Ears To See has to be one of the best. i am somewhat new to you guys but its def growin on me!!!! Dec 20
  • Brandimus Ultimus said:
    Loveee. Dec 19
  • agi praja said:
    fucking amazing Dec 19
  • ☮ale☮ said:
    ♥♥ :D:D:D:D:D ♥♥ u guys are going to warped tour!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D Dec 18
  • Jaredhall said:
    hey everyone, I just listened to this kid Casey Spain from Idaho, he plays acoustic music, and it sounds pretty dang good, you should go check his music out. http://www.purevolume.com/CaseySpain Dec 18
  • Brandon said:
    www.facebook.com/usghosts Dec 16
  • xXSaulEatsPancakesXx said:
    No homo but I'm in love with this band and Kellin's voice:D Dec 16
  • Atomic.Sexxx.Kitty said:
    Can you say "Love at first listen"?[: Dec 16
  • obie_boklog said:
    really like the band! Dec 14
  • Stacie Hiyo said:
    ugh my #1 band, i cant wait to see you guys in concert! Dec 10

Events (50)

Nov 29

Milwaukee, WI

7:00pm at Eagles Ballroom
Nov 30

Detroit, MI

7:00pm at Compuware Arena
Dec 01

Des Moines, IA

7:00pm at 7 Flags
Dec 03

Boulder, CO

7:00pm at Boulder Theater
Dec 05

Reno, NV

7:00pm at Knitting Factory