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Genres: Hardcore / Hardcore

Location: Pontianak, Indonesia

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Wawan: Guitar
Bacok: Guitar
Meme: Bass
Fajri samsul : Drums

A revolution from the small town in Indonesia which is never been count, such as Pontianak City, West Borneo
Secret Weapon discover from insane ideas from Bacok, which saying : " A great progress that doesn't have to do in big cities"
Secret Weapon starting the mission at the end of the year 2006 with Oldskull Hardcore.
Secret Weapon is a band which influenced a lot of band from abroad, such as : Comeback Kid, Minor Threat, Madball, Agnostic Front, Terror, Death Before Dishonor,
and few band from our country itself, Bestiality, Outright, Serigala Malam, Final Attack, First Time, etc.

No need to take much time for Secret Weapon tracking their new single, PONTIANAK CITY HARDCORE "PCHC"
Is the one of answer which is questioned for exsistence of PONTIANAK's Bands on that era.

In the middle of May, 2008, Secret Weapon being trusted to take a part for annual event in Yogyakarta Hardcore, "ONE FAMILY ONE BROTHERHOOD #7"
Is the only one band from POntianak which is have courage to show the insane stage acts in Java Island with
the line up such as, Bacok (Bass), Wawan (Guitar), Tole (Guitar), Erick (Vocal), Kiki (Drums).

After the tour ends early, Secret Weapon starting loss to find the next goal in the next step. Erick (Vocal) decided to seeking a work, Kiki (Drums) & Tole (Guitar) prefer to concern for their collages.
During the vacuum in the year of 2009, finally Secret Weapon trying to modify the line up, for the new mission in the next year.
At the end, Secret Weapon tak Samsul (Dropping Fire) & Meme (Toxictoas) as the new band members for fill the void after lefted by Kiki & Tole.
With the new starting line up, Secret Weapon's are : Erick (vocal), Bacok (Guitar), Wawan (Guitar), Meme (Bass), Samsul (Drums).

With the recent formation, it makes a musical impact slightly changed. in the past, Secret Weapon plays Oldskull Hardcore, but now the it takes a deep efects in the music that we've play. Modern Oldskull with the more explored of vocal's character.
The beginning of 2010, Secret Weapon starts to get wilder in a few big city. It starts from Jakarta, actually in "PRIOK".
After that tour, a lot of things changing, take effects, and also feel more confident to puked away all the big city in Java Island.

In September, 2010, one of the band from the small town, Pontianak City, Secret Weapon, being trusted as opening act for DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR (BOSTON
HARDCORE, USA) in their Asian Tour 2010 at DAGO TEA HOUSE, Bandung.
One of pride for the Secret Weapon could carry the name of the PONTIANAK CITY on the International stage.
After that tour, Secret Weapon back to studio, to tracking the new singles, "NEXT TIME I KILL YOU" which listed as one of the tracks from the first full length album of Secret Weapon in year of 2011.
Closing at the end of year 2010, will be the priceless memory of Secret Weapon, Java Bali Tour 2010, 6th - 31st December 2010, 6 Big Cities, is the trully fuckin' aswers from us. For the small band and from small town, Pontianak City like us, which is out of list for Indonesian's Hardcore Band, The greatest tour take almost a month bring the gifts for Secret Weapon in their full album promo tour 2010, in 6 Big Cities, Java and Bali Islands



  • maichael jhoe steve said:
    siiippp dingin full,, lanjut May 08
  • Diazdamn said:
    Ganasss tdi di sma3 wuakakakaka Jan 23
  • AGUSTA MEDIO said:
    "hard time we pass it away.. only stronger will be survive...", thats a bit of burning tag line from the lyric NEXT TIME I KILL YOU. This band will prove it with they outcoming tour in JAWA-BALI and lets see how they pass it and make a big conclusion with they ALBUM next year. So, "just cut the crap and lets we see whos gonna laughing at the end". Succes and always move forward brother... hehe... -NEXT TIME I KILL YOU- peace out! "AGUSTA". Dec 02
  • ricky kacrud said:
    iloveyuuuuuuuuuuuuu,,wkakakakakakacrooooooooooooooooooooooooots Sep 20
  • dimmy wentz said:
    secret weapon I LIKE U..!!! Jun 15



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