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Nh can be a coastal state at risk for hurricanes. The hazards associated with hurricanes originate from flooding, heavy rain, and severe, powerful, damaging winds. Hurricanes provide high winds, as well as the damage they could cause to roofs.William “Bill” Covert of Dover, NH, has dealt with these kinds of damages before. Owner of Seacoast Roofing of NH, Bill Covert has been serving the seacoast area towns in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine since 1987. NH Roofing

The biggest recorded hurricane to strike New Hampshire was the truly amazing Northeastern Hurricane of 1938.It reportedly caused $22 million in damages. More recently, Hurricane Bob slammed into Nh in 1991 and was accountable for $2.5 million in damages.On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall near Brigantine, New Jersey causing around $68 billion dollars in damages, the second costliest hurricane in US History. The costliest hurricane being Hurricane Katrina which made landfall near New Orleans, LA, in 2005 causing nearly $108 billion in damages, and was followed barely 3 weeks later by Hurricane Rita which made land fall further west near Port Arthur, Texas, causing $12 billion in damages. Driving through any modern storm damaged region results in a landscape of neighborhoods with houses protected by blue tarps. These homeowners, these survivors, are trying their utmost to keep their homes dry, since they watch for wood, and roofing supplies to get open to have the roof repairs they so hard need.Roofing Contractor NH

Even normal thunderstorms have caused roofing damage and flooding in the Northeast, especially the weakened remains of hurricanes which originally made their land fall in the South. Roof damages are from the company's roof placed on your home. Poor maintenance is an important reasons why your roof is broken during storms. Roofs need regular inspection to trap any small conditions that may be repaired to extend the life span of the roof and protect your property. If your roof doesn't need a slope then regular maintenance is particularly important. Wind damagecan loosen nails inside the roof. After the nails become loose, even a strong wind can simply damage the top. During stormy weather, debris is known to strike the roof causing even more damage. Furthermore, the wintertime storms that drop heavy snow cause stress to the roof and underlying structure. Even a good hailstorm can lead to severe weakening with the roof. A proper maintenance inspection repeatedly per year can keep the roof in good healthallowing one to spend less over time.

William Covert leads a Team of professional professional roofers. Seacoast Roofing of latest Hampshire has been known as the "One-Day" Roofing Specialists.Bill provides a freehomeowners report: The 9 Things You Must Know Prior to getting Your Roof Done which can be offered at his company website. If you are in Dover, NH, and surrounding areas, and you're looking for a free of charge roof estimate, call them.


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