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Genres: Metal

Location: Vancouver, BC

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4 tracks

Members: Emperor Balrog, Ambrosia, Lord Maduce, Lord Syrinox, Malkavian

Reficul formed in 2003

A Black Metal band from Olympia, WA dedicated to producing brutal and musical sounds while keeping a technical musicianship quality.

Current line up:

Emperor Balrog - Guitar, Vocals, Guitar Synth, Writing, Direction

Spirit Crusher - Enchanter, Invoker, Voice of Lucifer, Daughter of Lilith

Lord Maduce - Drums and Lord of the blasphemous march

Line up 2003:

Emperor Balrog - Guitar, Vocals, song writing and direction

Lord Wolf - Guitar

Lord Mattias - Drums

In 2004 they met Spirit Crusher who became back up opera singer as Reficul was moving into a more musical and orchestral direction while still keeping our blasphemous raw nature.

In 2005 Reficul decided to add Demericus as bassist for the project.

In 2006 Reficul had stepped into the studio to release their debut album entitled "Call on the Dark" E.P. 3 extended symphonic compositions that are simply put breathtaking.

In 2007 Lord Mattias and Demericus were cast out of Reficul for various reasons.

In 2008 Reficul tried to find members that could fulfill quality musicianship and meet our expectations as individuals. No success.

In 2009 Reficul met Lord Maduce and he joined forces with Reficul to create the new and upcoming release entitled "Luciferian War"

In 2010 Reficul went into the studio to begin tracking for "Luciferian WAR"

In 2011Reficul released there full length entitled "Luciferian WAR" 11/11/11 on Reficul Records.

Reficul Performed the Luciferian War Tour 2011 along the West Coast due to limited budget and time constraints forced the band to perform an exclusive amount of dates.

In 2012 Reficul Celebrated their 9 year Anniversary by heading back into the studio to release an older album that had been discarded for various reasons but has now been resurrected and is entitled "Into The Mirror".