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Recreational Dispensary Tacoma

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Recreational dispensary Tacoma
Highway 7 Recreational Marijuana Store merely has the best legal retail weed and cannabis products to be found in Tacoma. You no longer have to wonder how and where you are going to buy weed, simply arrive at our "One Stop Shop" and we got your back with a wide variety of marijuana flower and a new item, $10 10mg THC cannabis edibles.

Highway 7 carries Indica, Hybrid and Sativa strains which range in potency and cost depending what is available, typically ranging from $10-$30 per gram and between 17-36% THC. Bud is sold by the gram with as much as one ounce for sale at a time. Click here to go to our products page. Marijuana store Tacoma

The legalization of marijuana in Washington State makes it available for legal use so that you do not need a medical card to get weed here in Washington State. The requirements to buy are you must be 21 years and older which has a valid ID from a State or Government agency, as perInitiative 502* - An action Relating to marijuana and enacted by the people of the Condition of Washington regulated with the Washington State Liquor Board. Please click the link for I502 FAQ's

We proudly carry Zoot's and Phoenix Silica Edible products and are always working with new vendors so that we will always have the very best and the largest assortment of recreational weed availalble for you to buy.

All goods are made of only Premium Grade Ingredients. We also have a wide variety of Premium Cannabis Infused Edible Brownies, Energy Elixir, and difficult Candies. Products like JuJu Joints, Cannabis Oil Juice / Liquid Cartridge Refills and much more.

For the person on the move or even a great party gift, our Premium All Bud Pre-Filled Raw Cones certainly are a Full gram in support of $10 all day long making Highway 7 the most effective out of all the dispensaries throughout the greater Tacoma area.


Posted Aug 18, 2015 at 8:18am