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Steps to make YOUR RADIO STATION Far more SUCCESSFUL At this time

R / c fail due to

5 major problems:
1. Poor advertising sales
2. Bad programming
 3. Mismanagement
4. Staffing issues
5. No interactive media component

Underperforming radio stations are, typically, deficient in one or even more of those areas.

Let`s first have a look at sales. You could have the very best programming and most interesting content on your own radio station, but if you can't sell it, then you need an appealing challenge to deal with.
Radio sales isn't rocket science or brain surgery. Additionally, there are no Houdini magic or mumbo jumbo involved. 
Radio Station Programming Consultant

To achieve success in radio sales, you have to master some simple, yet incredibly-powerful concepts, and have the motivation and discipline to complete these concepts every single day.
It isn't about "selling spots." That's very short-sighted and short-term. Your salespeople will probably be doing nothing greater than running set up.

What brings greater and longer-term results has your salespeople get in front of decision-makers by having an idea, using a plan, vision, a spec spot, and request the business. If they are not asking for the company, then what makes them there?

I show salespeople steps to make a lot of cash (for themselves but for the station) selling local direct business. What direction to go, and how to take action. Who to get in front of. What things to say, and the way to voice it out.
Having sold literally millions-of-dollars price of inventory, Let me tell you that massive success in radio sales isn't easy, but it's all so incredibly-simple!  Radio Station Sales And Programming Consultant

Next, let`s discuss programming. Today`s massively-successful radio stations are creatively hyper-focused on a very specific audience, and exude these seven critically-important qualities:
1.    No Hype
2.    Authenticity
3.    Fun to be with
4.    Respect, trust & fairness
5.    Consensus, not confrontation
6.    Make dreams come true, alter the world, create a better life
7.    Establish deeper relationships & stronger bonds together with your listeners

Having programmed stations in a variety of different formats in small, medium and major markets, Let me tell you that massive success in radio programming isn't easy, but, like sales, it is rather, quite simple!

If you want to dramatically improve sales, programming, each department at the radio station(s), then let's have a conversation and obtain making use of.
Call me to get a free, confidential first consultation. Speak directly with me at night, no associate. My telephone number is 631-764-6460.
I look forward to hearing from you, and am very excited about dealing with you!

Stefan Rybak
Stefan Rybak Company
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Cell phone: 631-764-6460
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Posted Oct 02, 2014 at 7:09am