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Rachel Anderson



Genres: Acoustic / Alternative / Indie

Location: Shelocta, PA

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Members: Rachel Anderson

I'm Rachel, and this is how I deal with the struggles and stresses of everyday life. I hope you all enjoy it. :)


  • emily clayton said:
    hi rach!!! loving ur songs...ur the best Aug 14
  • Sylvia Penner said:
    I would like to video a live concert of yours and compile the footage into a music video. I will work for free, because I am trying to gather footage for my Demo Reel. I am located in Winter Park / Orlando, FL. If interested contact me at sylvia.penner@gmail.com Nov 20
  • Andy said:
    yew should do maybe someday by teen hearts =3 Nov 18
  • Sarah Welsh said:
    i now support you with this kind of music. love ya sis! May 21
  • breezy said:
    i love the new songs rachie, and i love you girlie(: i want you to put up the song for sam and i so i can listen to it everyday like all the others(: Apr 26
  • taylor purple said:
    not ot bad:) haha i would listen to this in mellow moods:) Apr 13
  • Kseg:D said:
    your voice isss prettyyy gooddd( : i woudl love to sing with you one time! look me up on youtube please! www.youtube.com/caligurl12kns Apr 08
  • Ryan Savage (PseudoSurreal) said:
    i love it! you have alot of potential:) Apr 05
  • JaVeeAirMusic said:
    you are awesomeness!!!! feel free to listen to my music :) www.purevolume.com/javeeair Mar 10
  • Riley :D said:
    I wouldn't exactly call it "experimental", but it's excellent! :D Mar 04
  • Queso said:
    hey can you do me a huge favor? can you help us play warped. we are late and just found out about it so we have some catching up to do http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/MTM173555 and in return i will fan you! but your music is good enough anyways with your help or not! good job! Mar 02
  • Matt said:
    no but seriously... www.purevolume.com/ipty Mar 02
  • Lauren said:
    umm...more songs. NOW. :) Mar 01
  • Kassarah[: said:
    Hey, Wow. You're voice is amazing[: I love this song, I replayed it over and over xD [: Mar 01
  • Kelsey Lysinger said:
    Rach! Miss you. And you have an amazing voice! When I come back, I'll take you up on hangin' out. Iloveyou Aug 15

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