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New Set Of Teeth In Just One Day? Yes Effortlessly On 4 Implants

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Is it possible for only four implants to exchange all the teeth inside your mouth? The answer is a convincing yes all as a result of advances in dental implant technology.   - RL Machen

Lots of people might not know this but loss of tooth is a very common problem among adults particularly when ageing. Actually, over 35 million Americans are missing some or all their upper and lower teeth. Thanks to the all on four dental implant people not have to live with problems and discomforts of dentures.

All on four: Four Tooth implants, One Full Arch Of Teeth

Should you be ever to understand this revolutionary procedure for replacing teeth, you must know first what a dental implant is.

An implant is only a tiny titanium screw fitted as part of your jawbone to replace the root area of a missing tooth. You require minor surgery to get the implants inserted. Following your implant is in place, the dentist then attaches a crown to provide you with a functional and realistic-looking prosthetic tooth.

Together with the All on 4 implants, you don't a dental implant for each of your missing teeth. To bring back your smile all you want are 4 precisely placed implants, four in the bottom and four at the top of the mouth. This is what makes this process so different. Since it is made of titanium, it can fuse with living bone and operate included in it. Therefore, eventually the implant can become part of the jawbone and will function as long lasting foundation on your new teeth.

The bone fusion has more complex benefits besides making sure that the implants are fixed in place permanently. It also prevents future loss of bone in the jaw. Consequently, it helps maintain better dental health and retain a much more young-looking facial structure. The biggest surprise about this new and revolutionary procedure may be the speed at which it can transform your life.

It can help you attain a radiant new smile within a single day.

By combining the precision technology of the all in 4 procedure and the expertise of implant teams it is possible to get a new set of teeth inside of a single day. After your mood with the dentists, your new smile will appearance and feel great but it is temporary. The truth is that dental implants do take some time to heal and fuse along with your jawbone. After this happens, you are going back in to the dentist�s office along with the team will switch the temporary teeth with permanent, customized ones only for you.

How Do You Know In the event the Procedure Is Right For You?

Whenever you visit the dentist, they will do a 3D CT scan to aid determine whether you do need implants and help the dentists make your treatment plan. The most important thing is to schedule a consultation.
In conclusion, this article has been legal representative about the all on 4 implants. If you are understand in a nutshell what it entails you can visit your dentist to ascertain if it is right for you.  - RL Machen



Posted Sep 19, 2015 at 2:09am