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Genres: Death Metal / Death Metal

Location: Chattanooga, TN

Stats: 1 fans / 0 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Nick Johnson Billy Lynn Chris Wolverine,James Ponder Chattanooga Death metal...Plain and simple...hit us up @ http://www.facebook.com/Pukeofficial

Puke is -Nick Johnson,Chris Wolverine,Billy Lynn,James Ponder
Puke Started as a secondary band/side project of nick from cranial impalement , chris wolverine from Myth /G.M.A ,And billy lynn of catastrofear (and ex coathanger abortion)..Although it has quickly grew more than a side project these guys deliver the madness and show you how its done! ..Influences from viral load,cemetary rapist,satans revenge on mankind,anything from obscene extreme,Putrid Pile,Insidious decrepancy,abominable putridity,waco jesus,Anal Cunt,Anal Blast,livitidy,cranial impalement,Raped By Pigs Wintersun,Cerebral Effusion,Cerebral Putridity,Immolation,Death,Immortal,Morbid Angel,New age deathmetal,Dysentery,Kraanium,SpermSwamp,Rompeprop,visceral Disgorge,Sikfuk,Solidification,Defleshuary,Malignancy,Murder Squad and many more...3 maned brutal deathmetal/grindcore/porngrind/goregrind band..if u dont like it..We dont give a fuck.... 3 notorious butchers!!

:Puke Uses-Crate amplifiers,Line 6 amplifiers,Pile Driver speakers,Tube Works speakers.crate and line 6 cabs,ernie ball strings,dunlop picks,straps,and accessories,Shure mics,Harbringer and JBL monators,yamaha heads,ipod apple electronic products,jackson,LTD,and BC Rich guitars,gibralter hardware and road runner flight cases,peavey bass combo amplifiers,yamaha bass products,jackson and bc rich cases,ProLine stands,Monter cables,Line6 floor pedals,line6 and fender tuners,Toa mains,cubase,protools,and superior drummer products,and many more signature series products!