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Genres: Christian Rap / Hip Hop

Location: Granite City, IL

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Members: terrance aka Point 5

Point5: "Point5, Pure Productions' finest. A Man of God with a heart for ministry, an amazing talent, and the drive to succeed, this powerful minister of the word has captivating lyrics that persecute, inspire, and hold true to the word of God. Many of you know his music...but you don't know the man behind the music."

I was born in Arizona, to a single mother (I was later blessed with a wonderful step father but that is another story)...grew up in Kentucky during my younger years, and relocated to St. Louis at the age of 7. "I did not grow up in the church, I did not know Jesus personally but I heard the basics a few times. I thought I was a "so called Christian" but had no idea what it really meant to be one." I lived a pretty normal life throughout my teen years, sex, drinking, cursing; I had my part in it all. However, at the Age of 20 (June 15, 2006 to be exact) I made a choice to deny myself and lose my life as I had come to know it. I committed everything that I had and everything that I knew to Christ. Jesus saved my life; Just 2 days later god imparted into me the gift of hip hop, the gift of rap music. Along with it I was given a massive, world wide vision to use my gift to reach lost souls for the glory of the Lord. I immediately hit the streets with the little knowledge that I had and really nothing more than a living heart for Christ. I began seeking out "hip hop heads" that had been blinded by the misconception of the world. The sex infested, violent, drug induced lifestyle of our earth had these people fooled! God then showed me that the gift he had given me meant to teach these people that "keeping it real" was more important than fitting in, and that "keeping it real" is exactly what he is going to do for us...now and on judgment day. I learned that my idea of cool was wrong, and I began to see that God is really "fresh, extra fly, and more like a homie" than I ever would've thought. God truly loves our hip hop attitudes, and personality. It is all a part of the freedom, and the originality he gave us. WE JUST NEED TO USE IT FOR HIS GLORY! So that's it man, that's the story of Point5 and how he came to be. I just love God and I know that he loves me...and everybody else too! When it comes to Jesus, I gotta get mine! When you gonna get yours?