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Patriots vs Buccaneers Live Stream


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Watch Patriots vs Buccaneers Live Stream now! New Titans quarterback Brandon Weeden is The Player to be Named Later, and all the more particularly The Player to be Played Never and Cut Soon. The Titans marked him Tuesday since beginning quarterback Marcus Mariota (hamstring) is sketchy for Sunday's amusement at Miami, which implies reinforcement Matt Cassel may need to begin.

Watch here: Patriots vs Buccaneers Live Stream.

That implies the group may require a reinforcement to 35-year-old Cassel, so 33-year-old Weeden is okay for that reason. On the off chance that it gets to Weeden, it's a lost week for the Titans, and it might well be at any rate if Mariota can't go and Cassel is on the field.

So this was not an opportunity to sign Colin Kaepernick. The possibility that he'd be a diversion in a NFL locker room is one of numerous exaggerated accounts around him, yet he would absolutely be a fleeting diversion since his arrival would be the greatest story in sports. That is not worth a Band-Aid move for a person who hasn't been playing and hasn't been in the framework.

No, you don't sign Kaepernick unless you're prepared to supplant Cassel with him on a lasting premise. What's more, that is something the Titans ought to in any event consider.