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The Devil Wears Prada, Emmure, August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying


Genres: Hardcore / Metal / Emo

Location: United States

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  • Dani said:
    Oct 03
  • Blane Serna ( Do You Believe In Ghosts ) said:
    if you like i see stars attack attack woe is me please listen to my band www.purevolume.com/doyoubelieveinghosts Dec 01
  • Marcos Paulo said:
    Do you like Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Impending Doom????? Then check ETERNAL PRISE - www.purevolume.com/eternalprise Oct 29
  • Zoe Rawr! said:
    More emmure! Aug 30
  • zach said:
    saw you guys play awesome! Jun 02
  • Jason Mother Fucking Kee said:
    They Aren't EMO Shit Head Mar 18
  • E M I Z Z L E said:
    WWW.MP3BOO.COM You can download whole albums. The whole site is mostly hardcore/alternative/amazing music. FREEEEEEEE. Jan 05
  • E M I Z Z L E said:
    Go to mp3boo.com You can download whole albums for free and you dont have to sign up for anything. I downloaded like all tdwp albums and august burns red. Go thereee! (: Jan 05
  • Mallory said:
    emmure=amazing Dec 18
  • aldrin said:
    hahahaha Dec 15
  • koray said:
    love these bands :D add me on aim ppl stfuitskoray Dec 06
  • Emily said:
    thanx for the downloads!!!:DDD Oct 05
  • Keithleen said:
    Dude tnx 4 d download!!! Sep 19
  • arcofheroes said:
    you can download "hey john whats your name again?"on youtube Sep 09
  • arcofheroes said:
    like the song hey john what's your name again so much could you please add it?? Sep 09

X Christmas

Oct 28, 2008

Goodbye To the Gallows

Aug 28, 2007


Aug 21, 2007

Shadows Are Security

Jun 14, 2005

Guy Bonson

Poole, United Kingdom

Lori Soto

Bolton, United Kingdom

Arm Ando

Norwich, United Kingdom

Brent Ball

Lincoln, United Kingdom

Jay Castro

Gillingham, United Kingdom


Nottingham, United Kingdom

Ryan Powell

Ipswich, United Kingdom


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