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Party At Her Place!

ELEVATED - 3.15.2011


Genres: Electronic / Powerpop / Pop


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4 tracks

Members: Justin Mulvaney / David Bowles / Ryan Brito

Party At Her Place! began with a great vision from David Bowles, after the retiring of his previous band, Shipshape and Bristol Fashion. Upon leaving the band he realized the "scene" was missing a different sound and needed something much more gratifying. An electronic band was something that had not been done before in his hometown, to do it he knew he would have to do it the right way. After messaging long time friend Justin Mulvaney, who had recently left his band as well, they met up and it was the start to a great establishment between the two musicians. They both began writing the very same night. Both had agreed they wanted to keep their hardcore backgrounds influenced in the music, but also keep a dance/electronic element in the mix as well. From hardcore edgy screams, to pop melodies and heavy dance beats they knew they were onto something spectacular. Only being together for about a month or so, they had their first show at a local venue.

From screaming fans to flashing lights, they had brought their passion to a reality. Wanting to bring more to the table, a friend was only a phone call away. Ryan Brito joined the family playing live drums. Bringing the extra beat, they knew that he was the element they were missing. Playing back to back shows, he was always there to support the group. Party at Her Place is a fast paced band known for their devotion to their passion. Also, having an excellent Discography, from their very first demo, to their highly anticipated e.p. "Elevated," they continue to impress more and more everyday with their music. Bringing a new style of music to the stage, Party At Her Place! is surely something you will not want to miss out on.

NEW EP ELEVATED AVAILABLE NOW on www.gascanmusic.com


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