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Kick ass cosmic psychedelic grunge metal from SC


Genres: Rock / Grunge / Progressive

Location: Spartanburg, SC

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4 tracks

Members: Wes Huntsinger-Vocals / Ricky Allison-Rock Axe 1 / James Ashby-Bass Guitar / Terry Harwood-Rock Axe 2 / Wesley Birch-Drums

PanaCea (pan-a-ce-a) n. def: 1. Hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases; a cure-all. 2. The perfect drug.

Bored in general and disgusted with the current musical offerings available, PanaCea was formed to create something different. Their sound is an interesting combination of styles, resulting from each member's own unique personal influences and their varied individual backgrounds. PanaCea strives to do but one thing, only: to make music they themselves want to hear.
The bands' objective is not to impress their friends, or impress the girls, or even to be cool. They do not consider their music [to be] product. This band was created simply to fill a current void in the music industry; Music created for people who love music. PanaCea is not emo, screamo, hardcore, or whatever happens to be trendy. There are no cookie monster vocals or Nu Metal riffs. No affected, whiney, teen-angst or macho-postureing. Music simply intended to resonate within one's very soul.

Their debut album 'Chamber of Devils' is a testament to how versatile and persistent this band is. It really is like a ride when you listen to it and it grows on you every time. Look for PanaCea on tour and buy the album, now available on ITunes and Amazon.