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How to Paint Wine Glasses

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Painting wine glasses is basically fairly simple. It is a project that is certainly possible to complete in a couple of hours from a to z. So, in case you entertain frequently otherwise you may need a quick gift, this can be a perfect idea.

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Choose whatever type of glass you would like to paint. The wine glass looks like it's the most famous, but base it about what kind of drinks you and the guest will like to consume. An excellent opportunity finding cheap glassware to start off with. You can progress on the pricier versions once you gain in experience. If you make a blunder, remember it washes off and you will start all over again!

Very first thing you need to do is wash your glass and swab it off with rubbing alcohol. Stay away from touching it at this point, as much as is possible when you are painting it. It is just a good plan to offer the design in mind before you begin. If you aren't a freehand painter, you need to use carbon paper or similar products available at any local craft store, to transfer the design to the glass.

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After you complete the painting of your respective glass, you need to let the piece to air dry not less than One hour ahead of baking it. Please refer to the manual on the paint to substantiate the appropriate timeframe. There are many paints that want 24 hours of drying time before baking. It is very important follow these instructions. Bubbling of the paint could happen if baked ahead of the paint has cured the right period of time. You don't wish your piece to get ruined once you've worked so hard on your own project.

Always put your glass pieces in a cold oven and then start to preheat it. As soon as your pieces are finished baking, permit them to cool off completely prior to removing in the oven. These steps are essential to prevent breakage.

Typically, you may either be needed to preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake the glassware for 1/2 and hour, or 300 degrees and bake it for 35 minutes. Each type of paint varies and it is important to see the instructions just before baking your pieces.

Once you have completed these steps you could start using your glasses. They're is it dishwasher safe if added to the superior rack of the dishwasher. Our recommendation is that they be washed manually to preserve their design. That's your choice!


Posted Dec 16, 2015 at 5:46am