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P.A.T. - Profound Absoulute Truth


Genres: Hip Hop / Rap / Reggae

Location: North Hollywood, CA, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Patrick Riefflin, Ryan Wollen

P. A. T. (Patrick Riefflin) is a guitarist and musician at heart, with the soul of a Bluesman who has been immerced in the spirit of hip hop. His music has been described as " a completely new genre" and " mind shattering". But to Patrick, it is something that has been a lifetime of passion, practice and persistence. Music has been his journey into himself to get through to others. With a determination for discovery and a focus on what is genuine, P. A. T. is on a mission to spark a new sound filled with new ideas and visions that will provoke a level of awakening as well as challenging to the true listener, all while getting your body moving with grooves and beats that reflect the diverse influences of P.A.T.!!!

As a group, P.A.T. - Profound Absolute Truth is energetic and eclectic, combing reggae, blues, hip/hop, and funk. Each live show is one of a kind, created on the spot, built upon looping guitar melodies, strong freestyle vocals, catchy hooks, funk bass and a backing rhythmic duo of drums and DJ. With previously recorded album “Change”, P.A.T. has intergrated into the Los Angeles music scene with an Analog sound in a digital world. --If Jimi Hendrix took his strat and slid across stage crashing into ?uestlove on the drums, and Bob Marley was there to pick up the pieces-- P.A.T. would be the aftermath.


"This act bills itself as a funk, reggae and hip-hop outfit. In reality, that's just the starting point. P.A.T. incorporates so many styles of music it's mind shattering. This group create a musical form so unique, they should have a genre of their own. Everything revolves around Patrick Riefflin's guitar work. A shamanistic virtuoso. Scratching maestro, Dj Butters adds just the right effects for a hip-hop vibe, while Ford and Wollen syncopate rhythms to create a funky style of reggae. Patrick hits the vocal lines, seamlessly switching between rapping and singing. Its not rap-rock or even close to it. Is is a new, strange brew that even (Avatar's) James Cameron could not imagine. The show was magical and the audience felt it, eating up every word, gesture and note. It was a show where the stars aligned and everything clicked. These artists are exceptional in every respect; and would appeal to music lovers of any genre."

- Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine