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Genres: Electronic / Pop / Rock

Location: Fredonia, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Dillon, Chris, Tyler, Brian, Christian, Jeff

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NEW ALBUM "We Prey Like Lions" is entirely finished, and is available @ BandCamp. If you would prefer to download it via iTunes or get a physical copy, please stay tuned for more of those details to come.

PardiGras' first CD release, "Twist and Shake" can be purchased at PardiGras' Official Merch Store and iTunes.

A B O U T * P A R D I G R A S
Pardigras is a six-piece electro-pop band from Fredonia, New York. They have released an EP, entitled Twist and Shake, self recorded and produced by Chris Grabar and Dillon Mealey. Originally the band consisted of just the two members, Dillon Mealey (lead vocals) and Chris Grabar (rhythm guitar/ MC), but as they began to play live shows, added the members Brian Paniknowski (drums/ back up vocals), Christian Carlson (lead guitar), Tyler Gold (synthesizer) and Jeff Alvarado (bass). The band is currently projected to release their first full length album, We Prey Like Lions, by the beginning of Jan, 2011.

"There are certain emotions that are driven from our bodies through bright lights, late nights and pulsing beats. Those emotions punctuate our freedom from reality. To encapsulate a break from reality and put audience members in a different state of mind is something that the new electro-pop band Pardigras knows how to do on a nightly basis. Only being together for a little over a year, the band Pardigras has a refined sound which moves its dedicated fan base to come out to every show with comfortable shoes and an electricity to dance. The band is motivated through dreams of sharing these notions with the world. Though it might be easy to assume that these Pardigras dreams' are laden with fantasies of stardom and celebrity, these dudes have more pressing items on their agenda...like putting on a killer live show for their fans. Ask any female Pardigras groupie and they'll tell you that you'll never leave a PG show with your hair in tact or your makeup still perfectly applied."- Jenna Rubenstein, Seventeen Magazine.

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Twist and Shake - Pardi Gras



Twist and Shake

Jul 27, 2009


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