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My New Vizio P702ui-b3 hd TV

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My New Vizio P702ui-b3 hd TV
About Ten years ago, manufacturers began promoting what's generally known as an HDTV today. These new TV's boast resolutions of 1280�720 or even 1920�1080, with picture clarity far beyond that which was previously possible. These high-resolution TV sets also made major progress colored accuracy and contrast and even brightness. We've evolved quite a bit within the last 9+ years. Gamers will love the P702ui-B3 VIZIO 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV

The good news is HDTV now has wrinkles news, and so the electronics industry will push another new technology; Ultra HD, also known as 4K HD, UHD or 4k ULTRA HD TV. This new format, that offers a solution of 3840�2160, has up to now been reserved to super-high-end TVs, but some information mill beginning to provide the technology at under $500 (Seiki and Visio is promising better). Same goes with the improved resolution is really a noticeable improvement, or just more marketing hype?

Ultra High definition tv is regarded as the incredible picture you've ever seen. Watching food cook will make you hungry and drool. Watching a show will suck you in to a degree of detail you won't ever knew existed. Yes, Seriously.

A 1080p display includes a mind bending 2,073,600 pixels, but 4K makes that seem to be positively ancient with its staggering pixel count of 8,294,400. Yes, yes it's true; these new 4K sets contain almost 4 times as much pixels as the best "HD" television.

Large displays, 60" and above, benefit greatly from 4K since the improved resolution can display a stunningly sharp image at a viewing distance of 10 feet even on displays over 120 inches. Unsurprisingly, every one of the 4K sets currently available are very large. Click Here to View the video Now

Unfortunately, the actual fact 4K mostly benefits large televisions is its problem. But don't ignore the reality of the better picture plus a SMARTer TV. Unfortunately many people can not afford these new large sets and, even when they could, don't have room for the kids. A tv over 60 inches is generally going to find themselves in a separate home entertainment or extra large family room, and also the best-selling sets on Amazon are continually 50 inches or fewer.

With sets this small, a viewer must sit only a few feet off to begin to see the advantages of 4K ULTRA Hdtv. Ultra HD helps make the most sense for ultra-premium buyers, or those who just need the most effective technology their funds can find. If you can afford one of these brilliant beauties, get one!

Regardless the challenges with 4K content as well as the property that big screens consume, your debt is it to yourself to view a 4K ULTRA Hdtv up close and. That relating to SONY and SAMSUNG are generally considered the top models at the moment but LG is pressing hard from behind and do not bring your eyes off of Visio! Count on me, you will end up digging to your debit and charge cards to bring that big boy home before you can say "Honey, look what I bought for that house!"


Posted Nov 01, 2014 at 7:35pm