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Our Darkest Hour


Genres: Rock / Christian / Alternative

Location: Bache, OK

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4 tracks

Members: Joey, Josh, Tommy, Josh

April 8th 2010
We are currently writing for our upcoming full length album. We have been working around the clock to make this the hardest and best ODH album to date so be looking for it. Thankyou for all your support and hope you guys are all blessed.

MAR. 17th 2009
We are headin to the studio this weekend to put the final touches on the "runaway Juliet" ep and we are so excited to get it done so you guys can hear it. we will have it out before the tour so get ready. speaking of the tour, we will be playing with the musical stylings of Astellaway and Fire Under Water. we will be coming to a town near you and you don't want to miss this show. if you want us to come to your town let us know. its not to late but the dates for the tour are going quick so its first come first serve. you can book the show by going to our myspace- www.myspace.com/ourdarkesthourrocks- and sending us a message or comment or calling us. we hope to have all the show dates for the tour and the new music up very soon. so be looking for it.
God Bless, ODH

FEB. 9th 2009
just got back from the studio. its sounding great and everything is coming together incredibly fast. we laid down the drums and bass on saturday and it already is begining to sound great. we hope to have the e.p. done by the begining of the summer which is also around the time we will be goin on our midwest branch of the self-sacrifice tour. hope to see you guys out there. we are in talks with a few other bands and if all pans out this is sure to be the tour that everyone is talking about. so you don't wanna miss that. we will be postigng more info as things progress but just want to let you know that we are bringing you new music and great shows very soon.
God Bless, ODH

Hey guys, we have been working diligently on the EP. writing all new stuff we know your gonna love it. we are going back into the studio really soon to begin work on it. Jordan and Caleb Ward(of Consumed By Fire)along with Arlis Moon will be producing it so its bound to come out amazing.

Now to those of you who are checking us out for the first time let me take this moment to tell you a little bit about us. Our Darkest Hour (ODH) is not just a band but a ministry. we see our talents as gifts from God and we want to use them to help others. we are ministry for hurting people, people that feel like there is noone that loves themd, and people that just are going through rough times. our mission is to spread the love of God. because God love everyone regardless of social stature or appearances.

Okay back to business, We are booking for this summers "Self-Sacrifice tour" so be looking for that. in fact if you or you know someone who owns a venue or is involved with a church group that would like us to play hit us up. www.myspace.com/ourdarkesthourrocks

until then we ask that you keep us in your prayers, and if you have any prayer requests or maybe you just need someone to talk to, just know that we are here waiting to hear from you.



  • IMPACT77 said:
    ha awesome music. Yall brought a friend of mine to christ. thank you. In a sea of darkness, you all are a Beacon of light. Nov 10
  • Nate said:
    hey guys! i love yall's billboard.. thats so true..btw :) but i would reallly love a way to get yalls music someway, i'll pay for it...i just want it????????? Oct 29
  • Tessa(I love OUR DARKEST HOUR) said:
    I LOVE YALL SO MUCH!!!! i hope yall remember me [[: i listen to yalls songs everyday!! my fav songs are runaway juliet and beautiful [[: You need to come to Eufaula again I WANNA SEE YOU AGAIN Oct 08
  • lizzy said:
    you need to post you shows up guys!!!!!! Dec 02
  • l05t1n+hefl00d said:
    the old stuff was good but this is off the charts keep em coming oh and get so more pics to Oct 14
  • lizzy said:
    heyy guys though i would leave you some love!!! Sep 22

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