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The Only Oral Herpes Treatment That Gets Rid of Cold Sores For Good

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Cold sores, fever blisters, whatever you want to give them a call doesn't matter. What does matter is that they areembarrassing and annoying, and painful. Trust me, I know your pain. My parents and that i first discovered which i had contracted herpes simplex 1 being a small child. As you may know, this is a common thing, I may have shared a drink with a friend, or been kissed by an adult who had the virus. Especially because I got them frequently, and with me they usually lasted 10-14 days as opposed to the usual 7-10 days, i was always very embarrassed by my cold sores. I've tried almost every oral herpes treatment you can imagine, with varying success rates, because of this. Oral herpes treatment

Growing up, as well as as much as recently I stuck to doctor prescribed treatments in most cases. Usually only for a short amount of time, even though some of these treatments worked moderately well for me. Another problem I had with doctor prescribed oral herpes treatments was the costs involved.lip herpes treatment

Some of these medications were very pricey, especially with time. I may have been able to justify these prices if the treatments worked for me, but again, my fever blisters would always come back.

Now for that good part of my story. I am taking place 2 yrs without the fever blisters. I have also not bought any prescription oral herpes treatments in those two years. This originating from somebody that for more than twenty years spent 1000s of dollars on treatments, simply to see her symptoms return repeatedly. How I achieved it was simpler than a lot of people realize, plus it didn't cost a lot of cash, I only had to make a few simple changes in lifestyle and my fever blisters were gone forever.

The first steps you need to take to combat this virus are simple enough, but they must come from you. First and foremost, when you have cold sores, constantly wash your hands, especially after you've touched one. Avoiding stress is one of the best oral herpes treatments around. Stress is known to weaken the immunity mechanism, a weakened immunity mechanism is actually a prime trigger for the herpes simplex 1 virus. And finally you need to avoid fatigue, and live a general healthier life.



Posted Dec 11, 2013 at 5:11am