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Genres: Metal / Metal / Metal

Location: Memphis, TN

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Neal Bledsoe - Vocals.
James Ramseur - Guitar.
Josh Cotten - Guitar.
Sam Davidson - Drums.

From the biles of Memphis,Tn and broken up bands comes OliveDrab.
The band consists of Neal Bledsoe on vocals "Neal also recorded all drums for Weak Minds And Wasted Lives" Josh Cotten on Guitar and James Ramseur on Guitar "James also recorded all Bass for Weak Minds And Wasted Lives. If you like super heavy guitar riffs,in your face vocals and lyrics, then you need to give these guys a listen. Weak Minds And Wasted Lives is heavy,driving,strong and consistent from start to finish. Triple picking guitars that'll knock your eyes out.
James Ramseur and Josh Cotten make for a great guitar combination with riffs like that of "The Enabler" and "Socialite" a mix of old school thrash riffs with twists and turns.
Neal Bledsoe with intense vocals and lyrics that describe that of bullshit people and they're bullshit ways.
Neal Bledsoe's lyrics are straight,to the point with no sugar coating.
Take "The Enabler" for an example, The lines "Your Ugly Siamese Twin, Is In Your Ear,Controlling Every Move You Make,Playing With Your Fears,For Years And Years.
Paints a picture of someone unable to make they're own decisions because they're under the control of others. Lyrics that hit home with anyone that has the ability to see through others.
Also Neal's drumming is as solid as a brick wall with double bass parts that sounds like machine guns blasting back in vietnam. These guys are worth checking out. You can order the 6 song
undeniable ep for 5 BUCKS!!! by contacting Olivedrabband@yahoo.com. you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Weak Minds And Wasted Lives Track Listing.

1. Senseless Decision
2. Socialite
3. Shattered Blood
4. The Enabler
5. Shut Out, Stomped Out
6. Lived Out

Sincerely, Mike Browning for Metal Minds Blog.



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