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Three angry working fuks hear us roar! Why pay for therapy when we can piss off the world for free?


Genres: Punk / Metal / Hardcore

Location: Chicago, IL

Stats: 0 fans / 14 plays / 6 plays today






Too Punk for Metal and too Metal for Punk? Is what a recent promoter commented about OF WOLVES. They are a very unique and heavy blend of what these guys like to call "Therapy" and when you see them play drenched in sweat you know 110% is given at all times.

The fully awoken and screaming beast Of Wolves is Steve Sherwood (guitars/vox), Jon Kulpit (drums/back up screams) and Scott Cirksena (bass, backing vox). Steve a longtime old school DIY crossover Punk/Metalhead from many Chicago bands like IVC, THC, Chronic Jaywalker, Halftone, Hedspin. Steve became very frustrated with the the current evolution of heavier music types. Sick of seeing and hearing the "same ol shit" as he put it. He felt most music was trying to hard to be someone or everyone else instead of just being. All these bands trying to fit “the mold....or “cookie cutter" as he calls it. Why cant bands be heavy with out being fake? Or worse trying to sound like everyone else? Well he was ready and he really needed the therapy! A heavy does of all forms of Punk & Metal. Its real and you can feel it. Even better you can see the release and the therapy this provides to the band and to their fans. After many drummers, heavy hitter Jon (ex Pervo, Crestfallen) gave the impact that was needed and after a Spinal Tap worth of bass players they finally found Scott (ex Flood, [omitted], A.S.S.).

With about three albums worth of material. These songs were written about various subjects that angered Steve over the years. Subjects that are direct relationship to a working class life. Everyday stress, disillusionment, social injustice. Anger. Politics, Religion. These songs are directly in touch with the world around us and have been waiting to be unleashed upon the masses to de-program and slap those still sleeping (the sheeple) wide awake with brutal force and honesty.

The full length CD is due out before years end and the uniqueness of this band will be a refreshing change and an addictive new musical fix for all those who witness their fierce and straight forward approach and want something new and different.... slap in the face, a wake up call to the masses.