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Genres: Alternative / Pop Punk / Rock

Location: Bremerton, WA

Stats: 2 fans / 82 plays / 18 plays today






Artist Bio:
OUT was founded on accident in 1988. Artimus & Bob discovered each other in a garage in East Bremerton. They were surprised to find the songs that Artimus was noodling, in said garage, were written by Bob. Bob was in need of a way to get his newly refined power pop sensibilities off the ground. Artimus provided the proper interpretation of Bob's RocknRoll fantasies. The song 'Out' was written between them over the phone. Their excitement for such an anthematic accomplishment, inspired a tirade of punk rock gems that stand the test of time. Songs like 'Bimbo's Looking for Drugs', 'I Want You', 'Negative Attitude', & 'Coming Home' are over 23 years old. The novelty hasn't worn off, though the maturity level of the band has moved up slightly.

Dave Zulick's danceable drum work, keeps your feet tapping well after OUT has left the stage. Skot Davis' innovative bass technique, keeps the rich tone of the band, classically solid. Artimus Maximus is a guitar hero in his own right. His melodic, yet crunchy attack gives OUT a crossover appeal that will satisfy any Rockabilly/ Punk Rock pallets. Bob Williams' vocal approach stems from his love for Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal. He emulates singers who take their craft seriously. Singing quickly & comprehensively, Bob really puts on a show!

OUT has the rockin' hooks to make you happy & are a musically professional good time! They will shock you with an unlikely image that is just four guys being themselves, playing what they grew up loving. OUT will always leave you wanting more of this quirky quartet. So get excited & get ready to rock OUT!