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Genres: Hip Hop / Rap

Location: Pasadena, CA

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"Hell, I wont excel. I will fail as expected. This decrepit life of mine: I can't fathom ever having peace of mind." This quote from the song "Failure", off of Opus-1's debut "Face The Fact", is the essence of who Opus is as an artist. Opus-1's intelligence combined with his thought provoking, introspective style can be attributed to his dedication to the true essence of hip hop. With over 20 years of experience as not only an MC, but an accomplished producer and engineer as well, Opus brings an attention to musical detail rarely found in hip-hop today. As an MC he provides a dense lyrical flow, complicated metaphors, and meaningful lyrics that often contain double meanings. On the production side of things Opus provides soundscapes that create a mood and take the listener beyond merely listening but to experiencing his music. As an artist Opus brings honesty: creating music so down to earth it's difficult to not be able to relate to. In addition to "Face The Fact" Opus has recently contributed significantly to the album "Drew Presents The Dark Ages Featuring Opus-1"

In the beginning there was "Face The Fact". This album is the culmination of living the hard knock life. "Face The Fact" is unique due to the diversity displayed both lyrically and musically. "Face The Fact" goes from deep lyrical content to club bangers and makes every stop in between. Standouts from the release are "Failure", the smash "Mashadena", and "No Love"
Next Opus worked on "The Dark Ages" with long time collaborator Drew. Where "Face The Fact" thrived on diversity "The Dark Ages" is hardcore hip-hop under a magnifying glass. "The Dark Ages" presents Opus still providing the quality lyricism he's known for, but in a much more blunt fashion. The result is an album that ranks up there with the best of them while still remaining true to Opus-1's aesthetic.
If not already enough, Opus went on to contribute to "Up In Flames Presented By Westbound Media". The album shows Opus being a lot more direct with his interpretation of the world. Musically this record goes to a place hip-hop has never been and Opus goes there with it?

Opus is currently in the studio working on his next album "The Sin Say". So far the music and lyrics for this album have Opus going even deeper into the hearts of men. The direction of "The Sin Say" is taking hardcore to a new plateau. The album deals with the issues of fear, pain, and sanity in a way so truthful and honestly that hip-hop may not be prepared!