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Northstar Pro


Genres: Rock

Location: Huntsville, AL

Stats: 2,785 fans / 346,770 plays / 59 plays today






Members: Nick, Gabe, Tyler & Jake

Northstar is no longer a band. For new music, check out the new project -




  • exnohs said:
    And I still miss you to this day. Oct 20
  • exnohs said:
    I still miss you! Jun 22
  • uninspiredxx said:
    hmm, i must make my statement clear! if i was a rich b*tch on 'sweet sixteen', id trade in my 2372362376 grand car just to see you guys play ! May 17
  • Immortal_Apathy said:
    Northstar moves me like I have new feet. Aug 19
  • tim said:
    thnks for the end of youer music you guys still rock Jul 22
  • patchie said:
    what!?! you guys broke up!?! your music is awesome, why break up??? Jun 05
  • naturallysadie said:
    too genius for pop culture Jan 31
  • axel[goes.rawr]â„¢ said:
    awwhs D: you guys were great(: Nov 04
  • Curtis said:
    It should be a sin and against the law for you guys to break up. Your music sounds to heavenly for you to not be making music anymore! Oct 09
  • Kelsey said:
    I miss you guys. May 24
  • Adriana Fraga said:
    Hi guys it makes me sad to know that you aren't rock'n like you guys should. You guys are great, I love your sound and your lyrics are amazing. My boyfriend introduced me to your awesomeness...when I first met him, I would be like "hey what do u wanna listen to, he'd be like u got any Northstar?" I used to get so upset because I had never heard of u guys and I like to consider myself a music guru well, he obviously ended up skooling me on the likings of u guys =] Well take care, I just wanted to let u know that you are dearly missed...and still being Jammed out to this very day by this cool chic hahaha.Bye. -Adriana Aug 07
  • Kenzington Cade said:
    Fuck, you guys need to get back together. May 17
  • Joey said:
    Apr 10
  • Emmm_03 said:
    LOVE YOU GUYS! I wish you were still a band. Mar 05
  • but i wanted vanilla said:
    your music is amazing. :) Nov 15

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