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Genres: Rock / Progressive / Alternative

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Stats: 52 fans / 1,125 plays / 29 plays today





4 tracks

Joe Henry Poliquin V (vocals/guitar)
Sam Claitor (bass)
Samantha D'Shay (vocals/guitar)
Brady Gautreaux (drums)
Jared Saia (keys)

HI, WE'RE Norcio


BIO: It seems so easy to get famous with
a lucky shot at a funny video clip on Youtube, or a one hit wonder on Myspace. But for those musicians who want more then 5 minutes of shame, it's a trialing and difficult road.

The Band.

In life and death, inspiration manifest.

The sounds of Norcio are truly born of the ashes of emotion. From uplifting melodies to melancholic ballads to pounding anthems, Norcio will at once have you lost in transcendental thought, enamored by melodic tunes and haunting vocals, only to lift you up moments later from the depths of complacency. Next you know, your head is rocking to their unmannered guitar riffs and ever-pulsating drum lines.

Norcio is not just music. Norcio is not just a sound.
Norcio is an experience.

Norcio captures a range of sentimental sensations all while refusing traditional musical stereotypes. The sole unifying feature of this up-and-coming band are the impassioned members whose tunes will lead you through an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of emotions only to leave you begging for more. Musical phoenix Joseph Henry Poliquin V will enchant you with his enthralling guitar progressions and unforgiving lyrics. Sam Claitor's rythmatic, thumping basslines expose the heartbeat of each and every heartfelt melody while Samantha D'Shay's guitar-born, melancholic harmonies and enchanting vocals will at once haunt and soothe you. Jared Saia beautifully enhances Norcio's ballads with each symphonic stroke of the keyboard and raw croons that bring the crowds cheering. All this is brought together and backed by the pounding powerful beats of Brady Gautreaux on drums. Adding to their spectacular musical line-up, Norcio is proud to present several featured drummers and various artist on their new full length album — Home Sweet Home—including Brian Ireland of SOMETHING CORPORATE, Lindsey Spurlock, Matt Knight and other guest that are named and thank on the album.

Due to the profound poignancy of some material, Norcio has decided to withhold the release of several songs from Home Sweet Home. Perhaps in the future; perhaps not. Sometimes harmonies simply lie better near the heart. There remains plenty to be savored, however, on the album's symphonic cache of previously unreleased jams as well as several digitally remastered classics.

The Experience.

Discover a band that crowds received with wide acclaim at the 2008 New Orleans Voodoo Music Experience after opening for Nine Inch Nails, REM, Stone Temple Pilots, The Mars Volta, Plain White T's, Panic at the Disco, Angels And Airwaves, Dashboard Confessional, TV on the Radio, Joss Stone, Lil Wayne, and Wyclef Jean.

Indulge in a group who has shared the stage with such renowned names as Trust Company, 3, Eisley, Chiodos, Circle Takes the Square, The Secret Handshake, Powerspace, Blameshift, A Planning Fallacy, and As Cities Burn.

Experience what packed venues have experienced in:

The Alley (Fullerton, CA) ï‚Ÿ Click's (Tyler, TX)
Click's (Baton Rouge, LA) ï‚Ÿ The Varsity (Baton Rouge, LA)
The Barking Dog (Houston, TX) ï‚Ÿ The Spanish Moon (Baton Rouge, LA)
The Artroom (Beaumont , TX) ï‚Ÿ The Caterie (Baton Rouge, LA)
The Dark Room (Baton Rouge, LA) ï‚Ÿ The Engine Room (Houston, TX) The Set X Skate Park (Bridge City, TX)
The Highground (New Orleans, LA) ï‚ŸThe Baton Rouge State Fair
Plus various shows in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi

The Thanks.
Norcio sincerely thanks Ben Herrington for his sensational trombone skills at local shows. Norcio would also like to offer a humble thanks to Katie Gielen, Chris Knight, and all of their dedicated fans. Without you, this just wouldn't be worth doing.

Written by: Christen Romero

Many can tell you, that no matter what genre or style of music may your preference be, you'll love Norcio. Be sure to check out our links!


  • Kinni Boo said:
    Hm, the sound is amazing. Love you guys Feb 22
  • Jessica said:
    I love your song The Lay and Samantha's voice is awesome in Mendelevium Feb 12
  • jay❀ said:
    love your sound :D Feb 03
  • joy. said:
    Hey, I really like your sound :) Feb 03
  • ShortCakes 웃♥유 said:
    i like it! keep it up! Jan 29
  • RenAce said:
    cool music..yeah..keep it up.. ^^ Jan 12
  • Becca Bacon said:
    The Lay is good :] Jan 11
  • Lauren! :) said:
    really goodd. and pretty voice samantha Jan 10
  • timmithuTERRABBLLE!!! said:
    ok u guys r anmazing Jan 08
  • Emmabb said:
    your sound is great! :] Jan 08
  • Becca Bacon said:
    Keep up the good work :] Jan 04
  • Nicole(: said:
    nice tunes(: Dec 28
  • hailey. said:
    joe you need to put some more songs on here! since you're recording and all i expect probably some new mp3s for the myspace and hopefully some on here. can't wait for far from flatling. May 14
  • Soupy George said:
    sounding awesome guys Mar 17

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