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No Blitz

Debut album: Give it Back


Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: Arlington, VA

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4 tracks

No Blitz is an American rock band that delivers in your face guitar riffs, driving drum beats, and catchy melodies. The quartet is based in Arlington, VA and spent Summer 2011 recording "Never Satisfied", the upcoming EP, at Ellington Studios in Georgetown, Washington DC.

As a band with an unpretentious personality and a knack for writing voluminous lyrics, edgy riffs, and memorable hooks, passion, hope, love and aggression encompass all their music, helping to draw in listeners and give them something to relate to.

"Never Satisfied" their upcoming EP is titled appropriately with the consistent energy of longing clearly heard in the new lyrics.

"Basically, no matter how good or bad things are going for me, I'm always anxious to get on to the next step or thing in my life. It's a drive that is both a gift and a curse because I'm never able to enjoy my current state of affairs; it's always waiting for the next phase to come to fruition." says Ryan Wogh (guitar and vocals).

With the upcoming new music, new marketing campaign in full swing, and lengthy touring on the east coast/midwest, 2012 is going to be a promising year for the band.


  • Bob Foley said:
    Hi Ryan, I like your tunes. I like tracks 2&8 the best. Keep on pushing. Bob Foley Oct 12
  • Jeff Metcalf said:
    Ryan- Your father has been telling me about this project for sometime. I checked it out today and it sounds great! Your dad really brags about you, but you obviously have gotten your talent from somewhere else. grin! Keep up the good work and I am anxious to get a copy of the album from your father. Oct 05
  • Mike A said:
    Very professional!! Oct 05
  • Bill Wogh said:
    Congratulations Ryan. A job well done. It was a fun project and it was very rewarding watching you do all the hard work needed to pull this first album together. Best of Luck with all the success I know you are going to have! Oct 05
  • fxdave said:
    They are all great! I like Infirmity the best, nicely done. Oct 04
  • Barbara Wogh said:
    Good job, Ryan. Keep it up! Oct 04
  • Ian Bartusch said:
    Sounds great Ryan! Can't wait for the rest. Aug 27
  • Bill Wogh said:
    I really like 'Untitled' posted on July 31! In second album? I hope so! bmwmp Aug 27
  • Bill Wogh said:
    Looking foward to it man! Gonna be good! May 11

Give it Back

Sep 17, 2010

Never Satisfied

No release date



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