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People Management: What is the prerequisite for a manager to manage projects?

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These company provided training to managers every year to take these to a higher level. That was to recognize future leaders to enjoy the business. The business organizes 3 to 4 workshops annually. The business that provided those trainings used a generic way of these workshops. I became also selected to attend such training, couple of years ago. Around the first day's workshop, we had arrived asked to come up with their email list of scenarios' in which the managers usually needed help. We begun to go thru each question; discussed the scenarios and lastly together developed the most practical answer for the problem. As being a knowledge sharing perspective, I have mentioned a couple of questions how the managers inspired to the management consultants in that workshop. I'm sure as being a manager it's likely you have encountered or might encounter the same situation in the office.

I've got a guy on my team that's in his late 50's and that he is annoying numerous younger downline. How to handle this case?

How is it that I give different sized pay raise to my subordinates? Because of this, my people are not co- operating collectively. These are losing fascination with their work.

My director talked about nominations from my team to find the best team award. I have 25 employees. As per the eligibility criteria, I can nominate only 7 employees. Just how do i pick a qualified beyond 7 and how should i justify my decision towards the team?

Number of my team members have type of "I realize it all" attitude. Generate an income change this?

There's a guy on our project team who always says, "That won't work". Just how do i manage these communication blockers? - Human Resource Management
The management consultant was excellent.

He provided appropriate solution its our questions. For instance, for your first question, he said he who is at the end of 50's might think that "odd man out". You have to recognize his expertise and talents; should include him in non-work team activities; should speak to him privately to permit him recognize how his behavior has effects on others to control your situation. Similarly he provided his view it really is our questions. The interesting part is, although are all project managers, none of us asked project management related questions in this session. Nobody asked the best way to prepare a scope plan; the best way to prepare an action item template; how to make a risk management plan; the best way to make a communication plan or any other item mentioned in PMBOK to manage a task. A lot of the managers asked questions which were related to people management. If we have a look at these scenarios from the managerial standpoint, it triggers several questions. Which skill is basically needed for a supervisor to successfully chance a project? Was that men and women management techniques or project management skills? Do only PMP certified managers manage projects well?

Project management software Institute (PMI) has defined project being a temporary endeavor that induce an original product, service or result. Project management software serves as a a set of activities performed in most phases including initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing to be sure the project is finished on time and under budget. Most of the activities defined in Project Management are executed by individuals. Manager's most important, and many difficult task is managing people. They have to hire, train, lead, motivate and inspire them. Project success is about people success. Projects don't fail. People do. Hence, the first prerequisite would be to use a solid comprehension of people management if you wish to successfully chance a project. Depending on my experience, I'd say you are not good people management skill with minimum project management knowledge can successfully manage a project generally in most of the environments. Whenever we define People Management as a part of Project management software, I'd state that a specialist both in these fields using a fine balance makes himself an improved project manager.


Posted Sep 23, 2015 at 7:33am