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Naps Krew


Genres: Hip Hop / Rap / Hardcore

Location: Greensboro, NC

Stats: 83 fans / 754 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Brandon D, Black Boi, Tigo B, DJ E Sudd, Young C


  • Ezekiel 3000 said:
    this shit is good!!! Dec 30
  • JordanTyler said:
    Lovein it, you guys are badass May 20
  • said:
    tight keep it up bitches May 06
  • KaylaKON said:
    sweeeeeeet. May 04
  • CoUrTnEyshortCAKE said:
    you guys are the shit! Apr 30
  • Kaley Owens said:
    lik most rap isnt normally my style but im rely likin ur music! Apr 30
  • mat[928] said:
    shits tight homie! Apr 24
  • hello. said:
    sorry it took so long for a response! I generally dislike rap but you guys are pretty good :D Apr 19
  • *[ Michaelala ]* said:
    im not into rap...bt the music behinds gd Apr 14
  • little_miss_navajo said:
    Awsome! Apr 12
  • Azure Kite said:
    Ya'll fools iz good fa realz! hey jus wut ive ben lookin for! thanx for lettin me kno wutz good! Be sure ta keep me posted! u>ll be hearin from me again! Apr 10
  • Shea Shea said:
    nice to much cussing for my tastes but good look =D Apr 09
  • Josie! said:
    not my style but. it made me smile Apr 08
  • n αnα ' said:
    i just added you in my favorites (: and i really liked your songs ;D Mar 30
  • V is for VICIOUS said:
    if this was my style of music id prolly like it. you have great beats. good luck. =) Mar 29

naps krew

Mar 06, 2008

Ariel Tenorio

United Kingdom


Derby, United Kingdom


Derby, United Kingdom




United States


Missouri City, TX

Donely A. Gunn

United States

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