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El Extreme Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine

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Genres: Experimental / Blues / Alternative

Location: Bowling Green Ohio, OH

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4 tracks

Members: Luis Chaluisan, El Extreme, Maria Hernandez, Brian Tully

Rocker Roller Rican Achieves 12,736 Downloads from The Cloud. Salsa Magazine's Administrators have divied up storage of the "Rocker Roller Documentary" (featuring "Salsa The Untold Story") on the Top 10 Cloud Storage Services to internationally distribute the film by forwarding the download link to 857 Latino Student Unions, 127 Cultural Centers, and 194 University Multicultural Departments plus 30 US Latino Television Affiliate Stations.
1. Just Cloud
2. Live Drive
3. Crashplan
4. Zip Cloud
5. Sugar Sync
6. SOS
7. Dropbox
8. Carbonite
9. Hightail
10. MOZY
In the meantime, on our Google Plus Video Stream
"Salsa The Untold Story" 1,986 views
3 Fold Release August 1, 2014 WEPAwebTV - New Edge Theater
Release 3: 1099 Views
Release 2: 485 Views
Release 1: 402 Views
Aug 1, 2014 Google Plus 2,000,000 views
Aug 27, 2014 Google Plus |2,168,762 views
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Learn how to harness the cloud to store your photos and backup your files. Plus, how to make your own personal cloud.
I dare you to find a word more used and abused in the tech world more than cloud. It's the buzzword in every boardroom. Everything is suddenly moving to the cloud, whether it's music or software, or your great grandma's oatmeal cookie recipe. But is the cloud really a practical tool for everyday people? We think so. In this episode of The Fix we'll show you three ways to make the most of the cloud. Eric Franklin runs through your best free online storage solutions. I'll take a focused look at the best services for storing your digital photos. And Sharon Profis lends her DIY know-how to creating her own personal cloud using a networked hard drive. By the end of the show you'll have a better understanding of how you can make the most of the cloud and hopefully make your life a little easier. — with Maria Hernandez and 3 others at WEPAwebTV - New Edge Theater.